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Imaging and the Human Connectome Project: connections in the brain Event

12:30 - 14:00
22 June 2012
Building 46, Room 2005

Event details

The Human Connectome Project is a large multi-centre imaging study which will use the latest brain imaging techniques to collect data from over 1000 subjects to provide new insights into human brain connectivity.

Only once we are able to better understand these complex network structures will we be able to fully understand human brain function. A powerful technique that allows neuroscientists to study connections in the living human brain at the system level is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This technique allows us to distinguish two fundamental types of connectivity, functional connectivity and anatomical connectivity. Anatomical connectivity refers to direct axonal connections between brain regions, whilst functional connectivity describes statistical dependencies between neural activity. In this talk I will give an introductory overview over the field and highlight some of the goals and challenges of the Human Connectome Project.

Speaker information

Thomas Blumensath,University of Oxford

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