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Environmental/Evolutionary Biology Presentations Event

09:30 - 13:00
4 September 2012
Nightingale Building 67/E1001, Highfield Campus

Event details

Environmental/Evolutionary Biology Presentations Tuesday 4th September 2012 Nightingale Building 67/E1001, Highfield Campus Organised by the Faculty of Natural & Environmental Sciences (FNES)

 You are invited to attend the following presentations followed by an informal catered lunch.

(Room E1001 is on the ground floor of the Nightingale building at the end of the corridor)


09:30-10:00      Mark Chapman, University of Oxford

"The genomics of adaptation to altitude: divergence, sweeps and speciation"

10:00-10:30      Shonil Bhagwat, University of Oxford

"Biodiversity Conservation in the Anthropocene"

10:30-11:00      Tea/Coffee Break Served in room B67/E1001

11:00-11:30      Robert Belshaw, University of Oxford


11:30-12:00      Donatella Zona, University of Antwerp

"Greenhouse gas emission from a short rotation poplar plantation: is bio-energy really sustainable?"

12:00-13:00      Lunch:  You are invited to attend a buffet lunch with the speakers in B85 Observatory


Our guests will be covering some interesting fields of study in these presentations and your attendance would be much appreciated.

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