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New Scientific Opportunities at the Diamond Imaging and Coherence Beamline I13L Event

16 November 2012
Building 67, Room 1007

For more information regarding this event, please email Luke Goater at .

Event details

Talk to be presented by Christophe Rau

Hard X-ray micro-tomography has become a well established technique, taking advantage of the high penetration length of the radiation and the ease of sample handling. The highly brilliant synchrotron radiation, available at Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire, provides new opportunities for high resolution imaging.

The Diamond beamline I13L for Imaging and Coherence is dedicated for imaging and tomography on the micro- and nano-lengthscale with X-rays in the energy range of 6-35keV. It is designed to support a broad range of sciences from biomedicine, materials science, geophysics, astrophysics, archaeology and engineering applications. Two independent branches offer different coherence related X-ray imaging techniques in direct (Imaging branch) and reciprocal space (Coherence branch) for high resolution.

Both branches are now operational, delivering scientific results. We will present in the talk the scientific opportunities accessible with the new instrumental capabilities of Beamline I13L. 

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