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Cutting in real-time in corrotational elasticity and perspectives on simulating cuts to biological soft tissues Event

3 December 2012
Building 85, Room 2209

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Event details

Professor Stéphane Bordas, Director of the Institute of Mechanics and Advanced Materials, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

We focus here on the simulation of surgical acts of types similar to cutting and needle insertion in soft tissue, in real time (500Hz), where the scale of the surgical instrument is several orders of magnitude smaller than that of the organ. We provide review of the state of the art and make propositions to address some of the main difficulties in this area:

  • complex geometries -implicit boundaries, XFEM, meshless, advanced meshing
  • multiple scales (large gradients) -domain decomposition and model reduction [4]
  • error control and adaptivity [1]
  • parallel implementation Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) [2, 3]

We then describe a series of contributions in the field of real-time simulation of soft tissue biomechanics. These contributions address various requirements for interactive simulation of complex surgical procedures. In particular, we present results in the areas of soft tissue deformation, contact modelling, simulation of cutting, and haptic rendering, which are all relevant to a variety of medical interventions. The contributions we describe share a common underlying model of deformation and rely on GPU implementations to significantly reduce computational expense.


[1] Wu X., Downes M.S., Goktekin T., and Tendick F. Adaptive nonlinear finite elements for deformable body simulation using dynamic progressive meshes. Computer Graphics Forum, 20(3), (2001).

[2] Joldes G.R., Wittek A., Miller K. Real-time nonlinear finite element computations on GPU-application to neurosurgical simulation Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics in Engineering in press. (2010)

[3] Courtecuisse H., Junga H., Allard J., Duriez C., Lee D.Y., Cotin S. GPU-based real-time soft tissue deformation with cutting and haptic feedback Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology (2010)

[4] Kerfriden P, Passieux J C, Bordas S, Local/Global model order reduction strategy for the simulation of localised failure, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering , 89 (2) (2012) 154-179

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