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Mathematical approaches to network dynamics Event

Thilo Gross
11 December 2012
Building 54, Room 7033

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Ben MacArthur at .

Event details

Thilo Gross is visiting from Bristol tomorrow (Tuesday 11 December), and will be giving a seminar on "Mathematical approaches to network dynamics". Thilo works on the structure and dynamics of biological networks, and has published a number of influential papers on this topic in leading journals (Science etc.). The seminar should be of interest to many in the IfLS, details below.

Thilo Gross (Bristol)

Mathematical approaches to network dynamics
Over the past years networks have begun to play a prominent role in the analysis of complex systems.  In contrast to classical works in graph theory one is often interested in dynamics on or of these systems. This defines the challenge of combining networks approaches with dynamical systems theory. To meaningfully apply dynamical methods to the inherently high-dimensional networked systems  typically requires reducing the effective dimensionality of the problem. 
In this talk I will discuss several approaches with biological examples including opinion formation in interacting  populations and the dynamics of ecological food webs and meta communities. In these examples analytical results can be obtained unsing different approaches and approximations that describe the system on global, local, and meso scales. 

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