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The University of Southampton
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Crop Systems Engineering Seminar Series Event

14 December 2012
Life Sciences Building 85 Room 2207 Highfield Campus

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Event details

Modelling phosphorous dynamics in the soil-plant system", Dr Andrea Schnepf and Dr Daniel Leitner, Institute of Soil Science, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


Phosphorus is a limiting nutrient for plant growth in many soils around the world. Moreover, mineral phosphate fertilisers are a non-renewable resource and are expected to be depleted within the next 60-80 years. Plant mechanisms that increase their phosphate acquisition efficiency include root system growth (response to P concentrations, root hairs, plasticity), root exudation and the formation of symbioses with soil fungi (mycorrhizas). We will present recent mathematical modelling approaches for modelling plant phosphate uptake. Furthermore, we will present a novel image analysis technique that is used for parameterisation of dynamic root architecture models.

Speaker information

Dr Andrea Schnepf,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences,Vienna

Dr Daniel Leitner,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences,Vienna

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