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MRW13: Sustaining our Future  Event

10:00 - 13:00
18 March 2013
Turner Sims Concert Hall, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

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Event details

Professor Mohan Munasinghe will discuss the basic principles and methods of Sustainomics and how it will contribute to future global sustainability post the 2015 Millennium Development Goals era. Professor Mohan Munasinghe shared the 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace, as Vice Chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC-AR4).

Many people believe that leaders are increasingly incapable of dealing with today's multiple and complex problems. Water scarcity, climate change and sustainable development are interlinked problems that pose serious risks to humanity. Water and climate change issues undermine development prospects and worsen existing problems, especially poverty. Short-sighted and piecemeal policies have not proved effective so far. Civil society and business must play a bigger role in helping governments find and implement solutions. In January 2011, the idea of Millennium Consumption Goals (MCGs) was first proposed at the United Nations, because unsustainable patterns of consumption and production have led to multiple problems threatening the future of humanity. The MCGs provide an innovative future vision and complement the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that aim to help the world's poor.

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This will be followed by:

Early Career Researcher's Conference

Venue: Turner Sims Concert Hall, Highfield Campus
Time: 11:30am-13:00pm

The planning and execution of interdisciplinary research projects presents particular challenges associated with the collaboration of individuals with widely varying backgrounds and interests and it can be difficult for early career researchers to get themselves established. Find out how the university's new structure promotes collaboration.


Please be aware that filming and photography will be carried out throughout the Multidisciplinary Research Week. If you would like to object to being filmed or photographed throughout the event, then please contact



Speaker information

Professor Mohan Munasinghe,Chairman of the Munasinghe Inst. of Development (MIND), Colombo,Professor of Sustainable Development at SCI, University of Manchester, UK; Institute Professor at the Vale Sustainable Development Inst., Federal Univ. of Para, Brazil; and Distinguished Guest Professor at Peking University, China.

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