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The University of Southampton
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MRW13: Computational Modelling Group annual meeting Event

09:30 - 14:00
22 March 2013
Lecture Theatre A, The Nuffield Theatre - Highfield Campus

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Event details

Computational Modelling is all about formulating and modelling real-world problems and then developing solution methods to solve the problems on a computer. Researchers are increasingly using computers to simulate experiments and predict the quality of untested policies, designs and technology. Supercomputing allows scientists and engineers to solve problems, often cross discipline boundaries, that they have previously been unable to tackle.

Professor Nick Jennings will discuss his modelling around effective disaster response, exploiting CCTV data, unmanned air vehicles, and crowd generated content. Dr Oz Parchment will introduce the University's new £3m Supercomputer Iridis 4. Finalists of the Iridis supercomputer competition will present on their work, along with posters of other computational research being carried out will be on display.


  • 9:45-10:00 Arrival
  • 10:00 Welcome (Hans Fangohr)
  • 10:05 Invited talk by Prof Jennings: Human-Agent Collectives: From Foundations to Applications
  • Coffee, Tea and biscuits
  • 11:15 Iridis Student Project competition finalists I
  • 11:30 Iridis Student Project competition finalists II
  • 11:45 Iridis Student Project competition finalists III
  • 12:00 Dr Oz Parchment: Iridis 4
  • 12:30 Announcement of Student Project competition winner, followed by
  • Finger buffet, poster session and networking


We invite poster contributions, and will award a prize for the best (PhD) student poster presented. You are welcome to re-use existing posters from other conferences. To secure a poster place and enter the competition, please email Alison Simmance with subject "CMG Annual meeting 2013" and include the lead author name and title of your poster.

For details regarding the Iridis student project contest please go to:



Please be aware that filming and photography will be carried out throughout the Multidisciplinary Research Week. If you would like to object to being filmed or photographed throughout the event, then please contact

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