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Raman micro-spectroscopy for biomedical applications: from biological nanomaterials to imaging live cells and tissue Event

12 September 2013
Building 85, Room 2209 Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Dr Sumeet Mahajan on 023 8059 3591 or email .

Event details

This Imaging seminar will be presented by Dr Ioan Notingher from the University of Nottingham.

Advances in our understanding of the molecular biology of cells have led to a revolution in the treatment of many diseases, development of a wide range of therapies, as well as fundamental understanding of the links between cell biochemistry and biological function. However, understanding the molecular interactions, which are responsible for cellular processes and diseases, require new methods for studying biological nanomaterials, and imaging of cells and tissues. Such methods must be able to provide detailed biochemical information in biological samples without using labelling or other invasive procedures, and be suitable for dynamic molecular processes in live cells.

The talk will introduce the unique features of Raman micro-spectroscopy for biomedical studies. Examples of several techniques based on Raman micro-spectroscopy will be presented as follows: 

  • Bio-nanomaterials: molecular orientation in individual peptide nanotubes (combined polarised Raman spectroscopy- Atomic Force Microscopy)
  • Label-free studies of live cells: from Raman-activated cell sorting of stem cells and time-lapse molecular imaging of cells
  • Tissue imaging and diagnosis: towards automated histopathology of skin cancers.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments available after the seminar.

For more details or if you would like to meet the speaker before the seminar, please contact Dr Sumeet Mahajan (


Speaker information

Dr Ioan Notingher,University of Nottingham,School of Physics and Astronomy

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