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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

IfLS Poster Session: IfLS Sponsored PhD Students Event

16:00 - 18:00
18 October 2013
Level 7, Observatory Life Sciences Building (85) Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please email Janette Thompson at .

Event details

IfLS poster sessions provide an informal networking opportunity for colleagues interested in Life Sciences research. At this session the 2012/13 cohort of IfLS sponsored PhD research students are presenting posters.

The following PhD students will be presenting posters:

PhD Student: Faith Bateman

Supervisors: Prof Tim Elliott, Prof Hywel Morgan

Project: Microfluidic systems for temporal resolution of T lymphocyte competition


PhD Student: Jim Coates

Supervisors: Dr Andy Chipperfield, Prof Geraldine Clough, Dr John Tudor

Project: A platform for monitoring skin health


PhD Student: Richard LaTouche

Supervisors: Prof Donna Davies, Prof Martin Palmer, Prof Damon Teagle, Dr Chris Graine

Project: The role of environmental dust from the Middle East in the pathogenesis of constrictive bronchiolitis


PhD Student: Jessica Lawrence Wujek

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Dyke, Dr Bharath Ganapathisubramani

Project: Ecomorphology and evolution of ichthyosaurs, with emphasis on Liassic taxa of Southern England


PhD Student: Kim Lee

Supervisors: Dr Stefanie Biedermann, Dr Robin Mitra, Prof Clive Holmes

Project: Design for Alzheimer trials with potentially missing data


PhD Student: Filip Markiewicz

Supervisors: Dr Emiliano Rustighi, Prof Phil Newland

Project: Vibration, motor deficits and the effect of ageing on muscle output


PhD Student: Justyna Pertek

Supervisor: Dr Sumeet Mahajan

Project: Raman spectroscopy based ‘label-free' molecular detection and cellular imaging applications in biomedicine


PhD Student: Edoardo Scarpa

Supervisors: Dr Nick Evans, Dr Tracey Newman

Project: Stem-cell specific targeting of Wnt nanoparticles for tissue repair and regeneration


PhD Student: Harriet Smith

Supervisors: Dr Malcolm Hudson, Dr Kate Schreckenberg, Dr Felix Eigenbrod

Project: Energy resources and adaptation to climate change in rural Africa

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