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Intrafollicular conditions as major link between maternal metabolism and oocyte quality Event

21 November 2013
Building 85 (Institute for Life Sciences) Room 2209 Highfield Campus University of Southampton

Event details

CfBS External Speaker Seminar

Dr Jo Leroy from the University of Antwerp, Department of Veterinary Sciences will present.

Jo Leroy graduated as a Master in Veterinary Sciences (specialized in ruminants) in 2001 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Merelbeke, Belgium (Ghent University) and started, next to the clinical work, a PhD at the Department of Reproduction, Fertility and Herd Health at the same Faculty. In November 2005, this PhD, entitled “Metabolic changes in high producing dairy cows and the consequences for oocyte and embryo quality” was defended. After a one year post doc, Jo moved to the Laboratory of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry at the Department of Veterinary Sciences from the University of Antwerp.

His research team focuses on the consequences of maternal metabolic disturbances (in both human and bovine models) on oocyte and embryo quality and on long term health effects in offspring.

Since 1 October 2011 he is permanently appointed as Associate Professor in Veterinary Physiology at the University of Antwerp

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