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Web Science Research Week Event

24 - 28 February 2014
Various. See individual event details.

For more information regarding this event, please email Lisa Harris at .

Event details

During Web Science Research Week (24th - 28th February), we have seminars organised for each lunch time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to which all staff, students and guests are welcome. There are only a few spaces left because of the room capacity so please contact Claire Wyatt ( if you would like to attend.

Background information about the whole week of activities is available here:


Tuesday 25th February starting with lunch from midday in Building 27, Room 3056.

Richard Jones from the National Cybercrime Unit will discuss his teams' work on researching and analysing the cyber-criminal career pathway. How do offenders get into cyber criminality? What are their personality traits and motivations? In which environments do they develop the interest and then go onto become involved in criminality?

Glen Hart from the Ordnance Survey will talk on ‘Reinventing Ordnance Survey for the Web Age - A Research Perspective'

Wednesday 26th February starting with lunch from midday in Building 32, Level 4, Room 4077.

12:15 - Josie Smith, Research Scientist & National Lead for Substance Misuse (Harm Reduction) from the Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances Project (WEDINOS) will introduce her organisation and their work in identifying novel psychoactive substances.

12:45 - Sam Hepenstal, an Intelligence Analyst within Trading Standards and Community Safety at Hampshire County Council will demonstrate how the web and the open source analytic tools are being harnessed to tackle traditional crime policing areas such as rogue trade activities and food fraud.

1:15pm - Wendy Seltzer is the Policy Counsel and Technology & Society Domain Lead at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and a Fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society.  She will be talking about Privacy Feedback: Privacy decisions often lack meaningful contemporary feedback, leading us to undervalue the privacy risks. This talk will look at how privacy feedback fails, particularly online, and how that affects our technological, societal, and legal responses. It suggests improving privacy feedback loops to enable better self-regulation and privacy choices.

Thursday 27th February starting with lunch from midday in Building 32, Level 4, Room 4077.

12:30pm - Kenji Takeda from Microsoft will give an overview of Microsoft and Microsoft Research's research areas in Web Science.

1pm - John Taysom 2012 Senior ALI Fellow, Harvard University, will talk on the following topic: ‘The underlying protocols of the internet were essentially connectionless. Adding layers of functionality to enable the maintenance of state and the delivery of the rich content we have come to rely on for work and depend on for play has also added exceptional surveillance capability to the web and to app based services. Can a less direct coupling of id to declared or observed attributes of individuals deliver better targeting and better privacy? And can a similar approach of applied web science also add value to the debate on connected medical records, smart energy metering, and even security surveillance?'

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