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Spin models of critical phenomena in systems with multi-scale dynamics Event

5 February 2014
Building 53, Room 4025 - Highfeld Campus

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Event details

Part of the Complexity Seminar Series (CS4)

On Wednesday 5th February, Dr Ondrej Hovorka, Computational Modelling Group, University of Southampton, will give the talk "Spin models of critical phenomena in systems with multi-scale dynamics"

Building 53 Room 4025, Highfield Campus, 4pm. All welcome. Refreshments served after the talk.

Abstract: This talk will give a general summary of computational models for studying the emergent non-equilibrium phenomena in interacting spin systems spanning a broad range of length- and time-scales. This will include the Langevin dynamics of a set of coupled stochastic ODEs to model thermal fluctuations in spin systems, the master-equation formalism of long timescale memory effects and hysteresis, and the cellular automaton approach to describe multiscale dynamics of avalanche systems, such as earthquakes for example. The individual approaches will be demonstrated using applications in biomedicine, optimisation of modern hard disk drive technologies, and to analysing the out-of-equilibrium phase transition behaviour in avalanching systems.

All CS4 talks are free and refreshments will be provided from 5pm. No registration is required. For videos of previous talks and details of future talks please visit:

CS4 is the seminar series for the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation which brings together world-class simulation modelling research activities from across the University of Southampton and hosts Southampton's Doctoral Training Center (DTC) in Complex Systems Simulation

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