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Are we doomed? Is our civilisation headed for collapse? Event

James Dyke
27 October 2014
Winchester Discovery Centre Jewry St, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8SB

For more information regarding this event, please telephone 0845 6035631 .

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There is an increasing amount of evidence that suggests that these questions are not preposterous. In fact, there are very good reasons to conclude that the next few decades will determine whether the tremendous improvements in longevity and wellbeing that characterise the past couple of centuries continue, halt or undergo a dramatic reversal.

In this talk I will give an overview of population trends, climate change, biodiversity loss, food and energy security and explain how these challenges are interacting in ways that produce a set of global challenges. I will suggest how these challenges could be met. Some of these suggestions may be controversial.

Speaker information

Dr James Dyke,Lecturer in Complex Systems Simulation

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