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Multi-scale models of magnetic granular materials for hard disk drive technologies Event

17 November 2014
177/2011 University of Southampton

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This talk will review the current status of research into modern hard disk drive technology. The emphasis will be given on multi-scale computational models as a means to aid the characterization and optimization of relevant magnetic granular materials. The multi-scale nature follows from the need of resolving the details of magnetism of individual magnetic grains, which are typically of size of a few nanometres and essentially define the characteristic length scale of an information bit, while at the same time capturing collective statistical properties of billions of such grains. The required time scale range is also broad, extending from fast sub-nanosecond times relevant during the information readout/write process, to years guaranteeing the stability of recorded information. Special focus will be given on the state-of-the-art stochastic Langevin dynamics and time-quantified Monte-Carlo computational modelling techniques.


Ondrej Hovorka is a Lecturer in computational modeling at the University of Southampton with research interests in understanding and applications of thermally induced phenomena in magnetic nanotechnologies. He obtained his PhD in electrical engineering from Drexel University (USA, 2007) and prior to his current position received practical training as a researcher during postdoctoral stays in Spain (CIC nanoGUNE, San Sebastian) and UK (University of York).

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Ondrej Hovorka,University of Southampton

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