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Global Marine Trends 2030 Event

22 January 2015
Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus Building 175, Room 1025 University of Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Sue Smith on 023 8059 2316 or email .

Event details

SMMI-LR Seminar Series 2015

By Ivy Fang

In 2030, we could be living in a world where China owns a quarter of the merchant fleet, almost half of offshore oil is extracted from the deepest waters, there are 100 times as many offshore wind platforms, the size of the tanker fleet is expanding slower than all other major ship types and the number of containerships with capacities that exceed 7,600 TEU is growing three times faster than those below that threshold. Despite the volatile nature of commercial shipping, 2030 could well usher in an era during which the prevailing trends and themes are opportunity and growth. Our industries may still be prone to commercial and political cycles where unexpected shocks can destroy profits, disrupt supply chains and upend business models. But The Global Marine Trends 2030 report offers a positive vision of 2030 for the marine industries, with real opportunities for business, investors, employees and stakeholders.

Come and listen to Miss Ivy Fang talk about Marine Scenarios to 2030, discuss and debate if you share her cautious optimism for the future.

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