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Bubble Acoustics Event

12:30 - 13:30
29 January 2015
Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus Building 175, Room 1025

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Sue Smith on 023 8059 2316 or email .

Event details

SMMI - LR Seminar Series 2015

Gas bubbles in liquids have an extraordinary ability to interact with sound fields. Bubbles generate the song of a babbling brook, and ocean sounds that help us understand the global carbon budget. Such bubbles also confound sonar in shallow water, but dolphins appear to be able to echolocate effectively in bubbly water. This talk explores how this might be achieved, and how bubbles activated by ultrasound can assist industrial processing, or aid medical diagnosis and therapy.

Speaker information

Professor Tim Leighton,is Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics at the University of Southampton, UK; and Associate Dean with responsibility for research at the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, which hosts 340 academic/research/enterprise staff and more than 550 research students. He is the founding Chairman of the University Strategic Research Group on tackling the resistance of microbes to antibiotics and other mitigating measures.

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