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Web Science Institute Distinguished Lecture Event

18:00 - 19:00
23 March 2015
B34, Southampton Education School Lecture Theatre 3001 University of Southampton Highfield SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Web Science Institute on 023 8059 3255 or email .

Event details

The Web Science Institute is delighted to announce that Dr Phil Tetlow of IBM UK and Visiting Professor of Web Science at the University of Southampton will be giving a WSI Distinguished Lecture at 18:00 on Monday 23 March 2015.

Dr Tetlow will be giving a lecture entitled: Three Steps Back and Two to the Left:

"The Web is a truly astounding thing. It has changed the way we interact, learn and innovate. It is the largest sociotechnical system humankind has ever created and is advancing at a pace that leaves most in awe. It is an unavoidable fact that the future of the world is now inextricably linked to the future of the Web. Almost every day it appears to change, to get better and increase its hold on us.

For all this we are starting to see underlying stability emerge. The way that Web sites rank in terms of popularity, for example, appears to follow laws with which we are familiar. What is fascinating, however, is that these laws were first discovered, not in fields like computer science or information technology, but in what we regard as more fundamental disciplines like biology, physics and mathematics. Consequently the Web, although synthetic at its surface, seems to be quite “natural” deeper down, and one of the driving aims of the new field of Web Science is to discover how far down such “naturalness” goes.

Of further interest is the fact that this search is regularly being hampered by the tools and techniques in common use today. In this lecture we will hence discuss the change case for developing new approaches, look at early insight gained from Web Science and to move on to experiment with the idea that Web Science could well be raising challenges to some of sciences most fundamental beliefs."

All are welcome! 

Eventbrite - WSI Distinguished Lecture with Dr Phil Tetlow, IBM UK

Speaker information

Dr Phil Tetlow,IBM Software Group (UK),Phil Tetlow, PhD, FIET, CEng, is Chief Technical Officer for Data Ecosystems and Chief Architect for Big Data in IBM’s Analytics Division (UK). He is a Visiting Professor of Web Science at Southampton University, and Executive IT Architect, a member of IBM’s Academy of Technology Leadership Team, an acknowledged member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an award winning published author, an Open Group Distinguished Architect and a qualified Six Sigma Black Belt. He is a professional with an international reputation for pragmatic and innovative delivery of large scale complex IT systems and leading edge technology ideas. This is based on over 27 years of industrial Information Technology experience gained across a variety of sectors including central government, engineering, energies and utilities, financial services, entertainment& media, bulk chemicals, shipping and automotive. Phil’s technical strengths centre on sociotechnical science (holding the first ever PhD awarded in Web Science), advanced analytics, enterprise application architectures, model driven software development, web technologies and heavyweight data architectures. Because of his recognised competence in these areas and his successful management of a web standards task force, the W3C once just asked him to chair an international working group on the application of Semantic Web technologies in Software Engineering. Until recently Phil was also the technical lead for advanced analytics and cloud in IBM’s UK Business Analytics and Optimisation practice.

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