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Emerging Environmental Opportunities Event

Judith Batchelar
17:30 - 18:30
31 March 2015
University of Southampton, Building 67 Room 1027 (Lecture Theatre) University Road Highfield Campus SO17 1BJ Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Frances Clarke on 023 8059 8975 or email .

Event details

This lecture took place on 31st March and the full video recording of it is shown below. The lecture explored the potential ideas that come from looking at environmental challenges through a new lens. By optimising emerging technologies and developing the principle of interdisciplinary science a whole host of previously unforeseen interdependencies and opportunities present themselves. These are the things that will ultimately drive sustainable intensification and doing more with less, whilst not just minimising our impact on the environment, but having a positive effect on it. This covers everything from energy to water, biodiversity or soil health.

Judith Batchelar is a biochemist and registered nutritionist. She is responsible for all aspects of Sainsbury’s product offer, from policy formation, on aspects such as animal welfare, ethical and sustainable sourcing, to product technology, product development, product safety, and packaging; essentially driving the quality and innovation agendas and protecting and enhancing the reputation of Sainsbury’s Brand.

Prior to Sainsbury’s, Judith held a similar role at Safeway, spent twelve years in the food division at Marks & Spencer, most latterly driving their health and well-being strategy, and worked in manufacturing for Mars and Bass. Judith sits on the Board of Trustees for The Marine Stewardship Council and Farm Africa, is a member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and sits on the Executive Board of the Prince's Trust 'Accounting for Sustainability ' project. She is also an ambassador for the Woodland Trust and co-chairs the government's Leadership Council, working on the implentation of the UK's first agri-tech strategy.

Our research explores harnessing the genetic diversity of watercress for improved morphology and anti-cancer benefits
We are using a combination of biochemistry, physiology and genetical genomics to investigate the biology of salad leaf quality and longevity
Professor Bill Keevil and Judith Batchelar - part of his research looks at biofilms on leafy produce intended for human consumption
Lady Alison Wakeham, patron of Vitacress Ltd, gave the vote of thanks to Judith Batchelar for her lecture
Judith Batchelar meets postgraduates and discusses their research
The audience enjoyed the Q&A session
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