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Applications of high resolution MBES technology in extremely shallow environments Event

11:00 - 12:00
4 September 2015
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton John Swallow Room (054/06) Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Hachem Kassem on (0)23 8059 6205 or email .

Event details

Coastal Seminar

Recent technological developments of multibeam echosounder systems (MBES) allow seafloor mapping with unprecedented detail. MBES can now be employed in extremely shallow waters, challenging the instruments commonly designed for deeper waters. With high-resolution bathymetry and co-located backscatter data, it is now possible to map not only unexplored seafloor morphologies, but also the spatial distribution of fine scale benthic habitats in transitional environments. Starting from the results of a large survey carried out in 2013 with a Kongsberg EM2040DC MBES in the Venice lagoon, the talk will illustrate some applications of the potential MBES data as a basis for interdisciplinary research.

All are welcome.

Speaker information

Dr Fantina Madricardo,Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR-CNR), Venice, Italy,Dr Fantina Madricardo is a researcher at the Insitute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR-CNR) in Venice, Italy. With a background in theoretical physics (MSc in Physics, 1999, University of Padova. PhD in Theoretical Physics, 2002, University of Hamburg, Germany) she is now leading the underwater acoustic and shallow water bathymetry group at ISMAR. She is mainly interested in underwater acoustics and geophysics, with focus on developing new processing techniques for high resolution multibeam and sub-bottom profiler data in extremely shallow environments.

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