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NAMRIP community building summer conference:‘Anti-Microbial Resistance – working towards solutions’ Event

Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention
Discussion between 3 delegates
09:00 - 17:00
4 July 2016
Hilton Hotel Southampton, Braken Place, Chilworth SO16 3RB

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Yvonne Richardson on 02380 594943 or email .

Event details

Keynote : Professor Jane Davies (Imperial College). Our conference is open to all members of NAMRIP and anyone else who is interested in tackling antimicrobial resistance including collaborators beyond the University of Southampton. The conference will celebrate the achievements from the first year of the NAMRIP network and look ahead to an exciting second year.


09:00 - Registration, tea/coffee

09:15 - Welcome and NAMRIP update - Prof Tim Leighton

Pump Priming Project presentations

  • 09:40 - Dr Emma Roe: ‘Preventing the spread of infection in hospital care settings: Health professionals, the agency of microbes and imaging tracking technology’
  • 10.00 - Prof Tim Leighton: 'Where do we go with cold water ultrasonic cleaning?'
  • 10:20 - Dr David Voegeli & Dr Tom Secker: ‘A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of an ultrasonically activated water stream for wound cleaning of antimicrobial resistant biofilm infections’
  • 10:40 - Mengyang Zhu: 'Ultrasonic cleaning of real world contaminated floor surfaces’

Tea/coffee and refreshments

  • 11:20 - Dr Rod Herve: 'Examing flows in endoscopes to improve cleaning'
  • 11.40 - Dr Myron Christodoulides: 'Strategies for tackling the ‘superbug’ Neisseria gonorrhoeae’
  • 12.00 - Dr Tom Secker: ‘The effect of surface roughness on the attachment and removal of MRSA and prion-associated amyloid from surgical surfaces’
  • 12.20 - Dr Shoufeng Yang: ‘Applying 3D printing within animal welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics’

12.40 - 2 course lunch in the restaurant and opportunity to network

13.40 - The 30 second film session: Facilitated by the NAMRIP Outreach Team. Delegates are encouraged to form themselves into groups of up to 8 people for this activity.

  • 14.40 - Dr Xunli Zhang: 'Integrating the 3-dimenional bioelectrospray cell culture model with a microfluidic platform to model real-time physiological changes’
  • 15.00 - Dr Syma Khalid: 'A multidisciplinary platform for studying antimicrobial peptides: bridging the gap between the in vitro and in silico regimes'

15.20 - Tea and cakes

  • 15.30 - Dr Collin Sones: 'Enabling testing of Antimicrobial Resistance to antibiotics via laser-patterned paper-platforms’
  • 15.50 - Dr Ray Allan: 'Stimulation of peptidoglycan synthesis through D-methionine incorporation reduces Haemophilus influenzae biofilm-associated antibiotic tolerance'
  • 16.10 - Dr Claire Jackson: 'Can simple sugars combat bacterial infection?'

16.30 -  Keynote : Professor Jane Davies (Imperial College)  'How can we beat Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis? Novel strategies aimed at early detection and non-antibiotic based therapy’

17.00 - Closing remarks and finish

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