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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Health Technologies


Jane Burridge, Professor, Health Sciences

Co-Chairs of Health Technologies:
Martin Browne, Professor, Engineering and the Environment

Christopher Freeman, Lecturer, Physical Sciences and Engineering

Markus Heller, Professor, Engineering and the Environment

Ann-Marie Hughes, Senior Research Fellow, Health Sciences

Richard Oreffo, Professor, Medicine

Members Listing

Julia Addington-Hall Professor Health Sciences
Robert Allen   Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Nigel Arden Academic Staff Medicine
Michael Ardern-Jones Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Anne Ashburn Professor Health Sciences
Melanie J. Ashleigh Senior Lecturer Management
Peter Atkinson Professor Geography
Dan Bader Professor Health Sciences
Katherine Barbour Telehealthcare Programme Manager Health Sciences
Anna Barney Associate Dean Engineering and the Environment
Gwendoline Barrett-Gordon Administrative Staff Psychology
Stephen Beers Senior Research Fellow Medicine
Antonio Belli Senior Lecturer Medicine
Anthony Birch Academic Staff Medicine
Antony Bird Lecturer Physics and Astronomy
Jeremy Blaydes Reader Medicine
Rosemary Boltryk Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Kate Boyer Lecturer Geography
Brendan Bradley Professor Psychology
Sally C. Brailsford Professor Management
Neil Bresslof Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Julie Brinton Speech and Language Therapist ISVR 
Anthony Brown Lecturer Psychology
Martin Browne Professor Engineering and the Environment
Anne Bruton Reader Health Sciences
Jane Burridge  Professor of restorative neuroscience  Health Sciences
Christopher Byrne Professor Medicine
Adrian Byrne  Director of IMT  University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Iain Cameron Professor Medicine
Andrew Carnie Lecturer Winchester School of Art
Paul Chappell Academic Staff Electronics and Computer Science
Andrew Chipperfield Senior Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Howard Clark Professor Medicine
Frances Clarke Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator Research and Innovation Services
Andrew Clegg Professor Medicine
Leslie Collier Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Nigel Connell Professor Management
Joy Conway Professor Health Sciences
Helen Cullington Clinical Scientist Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Angela Darekar MRI physics University Hospital Southampton
Allan Davies Academic Staff National Oceanography Centre
Hugh Davis Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Terry Dawson Professor Geography
David De Roure Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Sara Demain Lecturer Health Sciences
Ratko Djukanovic Professor Medicine
Nicholas Donnelly Professor Psychology
Margaret Donovan-Hall Lecturer Health Sciences
E.A. Draffan Research Fellow Electronics and Computer Science
Diana Eccles Senior Lecturer Medicine
Lucinda England Administrative Staff Medicine
Nick Evans Lecturer Medicine
Timothy Exall Research Fellow Electronics and Computer Science
Susan Faulds Administrative Staff Health Sciences
John Fleming Academic Staff Medicine
Claire Foster Reader Health Sciences
Christopher Freeman Lecturer Electronics and Computer Science
Arasu Ganesan Lecturer Chemistry
Karen Gerard Reader Health Sciences
Mary Gillett Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Richard Giordano   Health Sciences
Luke Goater Administrative Staff Research and Innovation Services
Mary Gobbi  Senior Lecturer in Nursing  Health Sciences
Keith Godfrey Professor University of Southampton
Gillian Granville Research Fellow Social Sciences
William Gray    
Julia Haines Executive Director Office of the Vice Chancellor
Susan J. Halford Professor Social Sciences
James Hamilton Collaboration Manager Research and Innovation Services
Linda Hammond Administrative Staff Biological Sciences
Michael Hammond Senior Lecturer Humanities
Mark Hanson Professor Medicine
Sheila C. Hanson    
Elizabeth Harland   Art
Chris Hawker    
Kate Heathcote Academic Staff Medicine
Markus Heller Professor of Biomechanics Engineering and the Environment
Martyn Hill Professor Engineering Sciences
Sam Hodges   Nuffield Theatre
Stephen Holgate Professor Medicine
Judith Hollaway Lecturer Medicine
Peter Howarth Professor Medicine
Victor Humphrey Professor Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Navid Izady Lecturer Mathematics
Alan Jackson Professor Medicine
Christopher James Reader Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Liudi Jiang Senior Lecturer Engineering and the Environment
Johnnie Johnson Professor Management
Peter Johnson Professor Medicine
Caroline Jones Senior Lecturer Law
Paul Kemp Senior Lecturer Civil Engineering and the Environment
Anthony Kendrick Professor Medicine
Alan Kimber Reader Mathematics
David Kingdon    
Jonathan Klein Senior Lecturer Management
Helena Knowles    
Katarzyna Kuliga Doctoral student in bioengineering Faculty of Medicine
Valerie Lattimer   Health Sciences
Paul Lewin Professor Electronics and Computer Sciences
Paul Lewis   Electronics and Computer Science
Susan Lewis Professor Mathematics
Christina Liossi Senior Lecturer Psychology
Paul Little Professor Medicine
Wei Liu   Mathematics
Simon Liversedge Professor Psychology
Mark Lutman   Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Koushik Maharatna Academic Staff Electronics and Computer Science
Rajgopal Mani Senior Lecturer Medicine
Robert Marchbanks Academic Staff Medicine
Katie Meadmore Research Fellow Electronics and Computer Science
Geoff Merrett Lecturer Electronics and Computer Science
Cheryl Metcalf Lecturer Health Sciences
Peter Middleton Professor Humanities
Jacqueline Milne Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration Manager Research and Innovation Services
Eloise Monger Academic Staff Health Sciences
Jonathan Montgomery Professor Law
Graham Moon Professor Centre for Geographical Health Research
Hywel Morgan Professor Bioelectronics 
John Morgan Professor Medicine
Mark Mullee Senior Lecturer Medicine
Remigius Nwabueze Senior Lecturer Law
Richard Oreffo Research Staff Medicine
Christian Ottensmeier    
Stacey Panozzo Lecturer Medicine
Julie Parkes Lecturer Health Sciences
Colin Please Professor Mathematics
Sebastien Pollet Research Fellow Health Sciences
Catherine Pope    
Jane S. Prichard   Health Sciences
Hamid Rassoulian Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Paul Roderick Professor Medicine
Eric Rogers Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Susan Rogers    
Ian Rowley Liaison Officer CORMSIS
Bram Sengers  Lecturer in Mechanobiology and Skeletal Regeneration  Engineering and the Environment
Clifford Shearman Professor Medicine
mc shraefel Professor Electronics and Computer Science, FHSE
Alison Simmance Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator Research and Innovation Services
Ian Sinclair Professor Engineering Sciences
Julia Sinclair Senior Lecturer Medicine
Heather Smith    
Hilary Smith Head of Faculty Support Research and Innovation Services
Honora Smith Lecturer Mathematics
Maria Stokes Professor Health Sciences
Ming-Chien Sung Senior Lecturer Management
Mark Taylor Professor Engineering Sciences
Deborah Thackray Lecturer Health Sciences
Margaret Thompson Research Fellow Psychology
Paul Townsend Professor Medicine
Rachel van Besouw RCUK Academic Fellow Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Joseph Vettukattil External Member Medicine
David Voegeli Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Michael Wald Academic Staff Electronics and Computer Science
Mark Weal   Electronics and Computer Science
Rosemary Wiles Principal Research Fellow Social Sciences
Tom Wilkinson Senior Lecturer Medicine
Teresa Williams   Communications
Jill Whitall Professor in Rehabilitation research Health Sciences
Sarah Worsfold Clinical research scientist ISVR
Andreas Wyttenbach   Biological Sciences
Lucy Yardley Professor Psychology
Amanda Young Research Fellow Medicine
Asghar Zaidi Professor, International Social Policy Social and Human Sciences
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