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Institute for Life Sciences


Peter J. Smith, Professor, Institute for Life Sciences

Members Listing

Eric Achterberg Professor Ocean and Earth Science 
Jo Adams Senior Lecturer Professional Lead for Occupational Therapy
Bashir Al-Hashimi Associate Dean  Physical and Applied Sciences
Michael Ardern-Jones Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Aymen Al-Shamkhani Professor Immunology
Syed Arshad Professor Medicine
Martin Arundell Senior Research Fellow Biological Sciences
Ann Ashburn   Health Sciences
Peter Ashburn Professor  Physical and Applied Sciences
Peter Atkinson Professor  Geography and Environment
Dan Bader   Health Sciences
David Baldwin Professor  Medicine
Philip Bartlett Professor Chemistry
Thomas Bibby Lecturer Ocean and Earth Science
Stefanie Biedermann Lecturer Mathematics
Jeremy Blaydes Reader  Medicine
Delphine Boche Lecturer Medicine
Dankmar Bohning   Mathematics
Brendan Bradley Professor Psychology
Sally Brailsford Associate Dean (Research)  
Markus Brede Academic Staff Agents, Interaction and Complexity
Neil Bressloff Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Bill Brocklesby Reader Optoelectronics Research Centre
Tom Brown Professor  Chemistry
Anne Bruton Reader Respiratory Rehabilitation; NIHR Senior Research Fellow
Seth Bullock Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Jane Burridge Professor  Health Sciences
Philip Calder Professor Medicine
Roxana Carare Lecturer  Medicine 
John Chad  Senior Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Ying Cheong Senior Lecturer Medicine
Andy Chipperfield Senior Lecturer  Engineering and the Environment
Steven Chisnall Director Strategy and Planning
Myron Christodoulides  Senior Research Fellow  Medicine 
Howard Clark Professor  Medicine
Stuart Clarke  Reader  Medicine 
Claire Clarkin Lecturer Medicine
Jane Cleal Lecturer Epigenetics
Geraldine Clough Professor  Medicine
Simon J Coles Senior Lecturer and Director UK National Crystallography Service
Jane Collins  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Andrew Collins Professor Medicine
Cyrus Cooper  External Member   Medicine 
Joy Conway Professor Inhalation Sciences
Jessica Corner Dean Health Sciences
Mark Cragg Professor  Medicine
Andrew Cruden Professor Energy Technology
Anne Curry Dean Humanities
Ramsey Cuttress Senior Lecturer  Medicine
Srinandan Dashmahapatra Academic Staff  Physical and Applied Sciences
Donna Davies  Professor  Medicine 
Maurits de Planque  Academic Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
John Dearing Professor  Geography and the Environment
Guy Denuault  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Ratko Djukanovic  Professor  Medicine 
C Patrick Doncaster Reader Biological Sciences
James Dyke Lecturer Complex Systems Simulation
Gareth Dyke Senior Lecturer  Natural and Environmental Sciences
Rob Eason Professor  Physical and Applied Sciences
Christopher Edwards  Associate Director Medicine 
Mary Edwards  Professor  Geography 
Richard Edwards Lecturer  Biological Sciences
Felix Eigenbrod  Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Paul Elkington Senior Lecturer Respiratory Medicine
Timothy J. Elliot  Professor Medicine 
Nicola Englyst Lecturer Physiology, Deputy Semester Coordinator for Semester 4, BM5, Coordinator for Endocrinology and Life Cycle Course Semester 4 BM5, Chair of Mentoring Scheme
Sarah Ennis Senior Lecturer Medicine
Michel Erlewyn-Lajeunesse  Academic Staff Medicine  
Jonathan Essex Head of Computer Systems  Chemistry
Nick Evans Lecturer  Medicine 
Mark Everist Associate Dean Humanities
Mandy Fader  Professor  Health Sciences 
Saul Faust  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Martin Feelisch   Medicine
Tom Fleming  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Francesco Forconi   Medicine
Alexander Forrester Senior Lecturer  
Gavin Foster Reader  
Keith Fox Acting Head  Biological Sciences
Jeremy Frey Head of Physcial Chemistry Teaching  Chemistry
Stephen Gadola Professor  Medicine
Phil Gale Head of Chemistry  Chemistry
Ian Galea    Medicine 
Bharathram Ganapathisubramani Senior Lecturer Engineering and the Environment
Steven Gilmour Professor Statistics
Steven Glautier Senior Lecturer  
Martha Gledhill  Academic Staff  National Oceanography Centre 
Luke Goater  Administrative Staff  Research and Innovation Services 
Chris Grainge Honorary Consultant Physician and Senior Lecturer  
Lucy Green Reader Developmental Physiology
Hans Haitchi MRC Clinician Scientist   
Wendy Hall Dean Physcial and Applied Sciences
Ian Harwood Senior Lecturer Management
Christopher Hauton Lecturer  Natural and Environmental Sciences
Steven Hawkins  Dean FNES 
Eugene Healy  Professor  Medicine 
Martin Hill  Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Lindy Holden-Dye  Professor  Biological Sciences 
John Holloway Professor  Medicine
Judith Holloway Lecturer  Medicine
Clive Holmes  Professor  Medicine 
Ruihua Hou Research Fellow  Medicine
Franchesca Houghton Senior Lecturer  Medicine
Malcolm Hudson Dean  Engineering and the Environment
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez  Lecturer  Ocean and Earth Science 
Edward James  Lecturer  Medicine 
Liudi Jiang Lecturer  
Peter Johnson Professor  Medicine
Antonios Kanaras Research Fellow Physical and Applied Sciences
Bill Keevil  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Colin Kennedy Professor  Medicine
Salim Khakoo   Medicine
Syma Khalid RCUK Research Fellow  Chemistry
Lex Kraaijeveld  Lecturer   Biological Sciences 
Peter Lackie Lecturer  Medicine
Rohan Lewis Lecturer Medicine
Bruno Linclau  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Simon Liversedge Director of Research  Psychology
Andrew Lotery Professor Opthalmology
Catherine Lucas  Lecturer  Ocean and Earth Science 
Ben MacArthur  Lecturer  Institute for Life Sciences 
Nyovani Madise Professor Social Sciences
Jens Madsen Lecturer  Medicine
Sumeet Mahajan Principal Research Fellow Life Sciences Interface
Alan Marchant Lecturer  Biological Sciences
John McBride Associate Dean Engineering and the Environment
Christopher McCormick  Lecturer  Medicine 
Tracy Melvin  Reader  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Jacqueline Milne  Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration Manager  Research and Innovation Services 
Rachel Mills Associate Dean Natural and Environmental Science
Robin Mitra Lecturer  Mathematics
Karin Mogg Professor  Psychology
Jonathan Montgomery Professor Health Care Law
Mark Moore  Research Fellow  National Oceanography Centre 
Hywel Morgan Professor  Electronics and Computer Science 
Matthew Mowlem  Research Staff  National Oceanography Centre 
Amrit Mudher  Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Otto Muskens  Research Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Kalliopi Mylona Lecturer Statistics
Iris Nandhakumar Lecturer Chemistry
Phil Newland  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Tracey Newman  Academic Staff  Medicine 
James Nicoll Professor Medicine
Mahesan Niranjan  Professor  Electronics and Computer Science 
Xize Niu  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Jason Noble  Academic Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
Vincent O' Connor  Academic Staff  Biological Sciences 
Ita O'Kelly Lecturer Medicine
Richard Oreffo Professor  Medicine
Patrick Osborne Reader  Engineering and the Environment
Christian Ottensmeier Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Graham Packham Professor Molecular Oncology
Martin Palmer Professor  Natural and Environmental Science
Ben Parker Lecturer  
Sylvia Pender Reader  Medicine
Hugh Perry Professor  Biological Sciences 
Guy Poppy  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Tony Postle Professor  Medicine
Jacqueline Prieto Research Fellow  Health Sciences 
Chris Proud Professor Biological Sciences
Giles Richardson Reader Mathematics
Dieter Riethmacher Reader  Medicine
Peter Roach  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Graham Roberts Reader  Medicine 
Tiina Roose  Reader  Engineering Sciences 
Emiliano Rustighi Lecturer Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Tilman Sanchez-Elsner Senior Lecturer  Medicine
Kathrin Schreckenberg Dean Engineering and the Environment
Bram Sengers Lecturer Engineering and the Environment
Peter Shaw Senior Lecturer  
Andrew Shevchuk Senior Research Fellow IfLS
John S Shrimpton Reader  
Alison Simmance  Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator  Research and Innovation Services 
Dave Simpson   Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Ian Sinclair Professor Materials Engineering
Tim Sluckin Professor  
Peter J Smith Director  IfLS
Hilary Smith Head of Faculty Support Research and Innovation Services
Martin Solan   Natural and Environmental Science
Maria Stokes Professor Deputy Director of S3RI
Collin Stones Senior Research Fellow  Physical Sciences
Andy Steele Lecturer Medicine 
Paul Stoodley  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Rahul Tare Lecturer Medicine
Ali Tavassoli  Lecturer  Chemistry 
Gail Taylor  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Marc Tebruegge Lecturer Medicine
Damon Teagle Professor   
Matthew Terry Reader  Biological Sciences
Jessica Teeling  Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Ivo Tews  Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Gareth Thomas  Professor  Medicine 
Janette Thompson  Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator  Research and Innovation Services 
Phillip Thurner  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Emma Tompkins Reader Geography and the Environment
Christopher Torrens Lecturer  Medicine
Paul Townsend Professor  Medicine
Clive Trueman Senior Lecturer Ocean and Earth Science
Marcel Utz Reader Magnetic Resonance
David Voegli Lecturer  
Andrew Walls Reader  Medicine
Richard Watson Senior Lecturer  Electronics and Computer Science
Jonathan K Watts Lecturer Chemical Biology
Jeremy Webb  Lecturer  Biological Sciences 
Joern Werner Reader Biological Sciences
Jonathan James West Research Fellow Institute for Life Sciences
Jorg Wiedenmann Senior Lecturer Ocean and Earth Science
Herman Wijnen Senior Lecturer Biological Sciences, Principal Investigator (Biological Timing)
James Wilkinson  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Sandrine Willaime-Morawek  Lecturer  Medicine 
Ian Williams Professor Engineering and the Environment
Philip Williamson  Research Fellow  Biological Sciences 
Xunli Zhang Reader Engineering and the Environment
Nikolai Zheludev  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
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