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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence



Pavlos Lagoudakis, Professor, Optoelectronics Research Centre

Members Listing

Allison-Lynn Andrews Senior Research Fellow  Medicine 
Vasileios Apostolopoulos  Lecturer  Physics and Astronomy 
Peter Ashburn  Professor  Electronics and Computer Science
Stephen Bain    Physics and Astronomy 
Tobias Balla  Postgraduate Research Student   Engineering Sciences 
Philip Bartlett Professor  Chemistry 
James Bateman  Academic Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Dmitry Bavykin  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Bill Brocklesby  Reader  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Kimberley Bruce  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Julie Cakebread  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Jessica Cate  Academic Staff  Art 
Ying Cheong  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Myron Christodoulides  Senior Research Fellow  Medicine 
Stuart Clarke  Reader  Medicine 
Barbara Cortese  Research Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
Mark Cragg  Professor  Medicine 
Geoffrey Daniell  Senior Lecturer  Physics and Astronomy 
CH ''Kees'' De Groot  Academic Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
Peter De Groot  Academic Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Guy Denuault  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Rob Eason  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Stephen Elliot  Professor  Institute of Sound and Vibration Research 
Nick Evans  Lecturer  Medicine 
Thomas Fischbacher  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Alistair Fitt  External Member  Oxford Brookes University 
Timothy Freegarde  Lecturer  Physics and Astronomy 
Ceris French  Administrative Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Stephan Gadola  Professor  Medicine 
Nong Gao  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Luke Goater  Administrative Staff  Research and Innovation Services 
Francis Grand  Senior Research Fellow  Medicine 
Nicolas Green  Academic Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
Julia Haines  Executive Director  Office of the Vice Chancellor 
Hans Haitchi  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Andrew Hector  Lecturer  Chemistry 
Dan Hewak  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Matthew Himsworth  Research Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Sam Hodges   Nuffield Theatre
Ruihua Hou  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Alan Howard  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Christopher Howls  Senior Lecturer  Mathematics 
Alan Hunt  Technical Staff  Medicine 
Stewart Jenkins  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  Mathematics 
Liudi Jiang  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Malgosia Kaczmarek  Academic Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Antonios Kanaras  Lecturer  Physics and Astronomy 
Alexey Kavokin  Professor  Physics and Astronomy 
Peter Kazansky  Professor Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Syma Khalid  Lecturer  Chemistry 
Jeremy Kilburn  Professor  Chemistry 
Michael Kraft  Professor  Electronics and Computer Sciences 
Peter Lackie  Lecturer  Medicine 
Anthony Lee  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Wei Loh  Principal Research Fellow  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Rose-Marie Mackay  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  Medicine 
Jens Madsen  Lecturer Medicine 
John McBride  Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Tracy Melvin  Reader  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Timothy Millar  Lecturer  Medicine 
Jacqueline Milne  Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration Manager  Research and Innovation Services 
Zakaria Moktadir  Senior Research Fellow  Electronics and Computer Science 
Marc Molinari  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Hywel Morgan  Professor  Electronics and Computer Science 
Matthew Mowlem  Research Staff  National Oceanography Centre 
Iris Nandhakumar  Lecturer  Chemistry 
David O'Connor  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Nikitas Papasimakis  Senior Research Fellow  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Anna Peacock  Senior Research Fellow  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Sylvia Pender  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Marco Petrovich  Senior Research Fellow  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Anthony Postle  Professor  Medicine 
Suan Hui Pu Lecturer Malaysia Campus
David Richards  Professor  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Peter Roach  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Ali Roghanian  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Janne Ruostekoski  Professor  Mathematics 
Andrea Russell  Professor  Chemistry 
Harvey Rutt  Professor  Electronics and Computer Science 
Tilman Sanchez-Elsner  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Pier-John Sazio  Senior Research Fellow  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Alison Simmance  Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator  Research and Innovation Services 
Paul Skipp  Academic Staff  Biological Sciences 
Chris-Kriton Skylaris   Lecturer  Chemistry 
Timothy Sluckin Professor  Mathematics 
Peter G.Smith  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Hilary Smith Head of Faculty Support Research and Innovation Services
Mark Spearing  Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Marco Starink  Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Will Stewart  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
Eugen Stulz  Senior Lecturer  Chemistry 
Emily Swindle  Senior Research Fellow  Medicine 
Ali Tavassoli  Lecturer  Chemistry 
Matthew Terry  Research Fellow  Biological Sciences 
Heather Thomson  Research Fellow  Medicine 
Phillip Thurner  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Jon Townsend  External Member  Medicine 
Alun Vaughan  Professor  Electronics and Computer Science 
Andrew Walls  Reader  Medicine 
Jane Warner  Senior Lecturer  Medicine 
Mark Weller  Professor  Chemistry 
Richard Whitby  Professor  Chemistry 
Helen White  External Member  Medicine 
Joerg Wiedenmann  Senior Lecturer  Ocean and Earth Science 
James Wilkinson  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
James Wilson  Academic Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
David Woods  Reader  Mathematics 
Tricia Worby  Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator  Research and Innovation Services 
Yeping Xiong  Senior Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Edward Young  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Nikolai Zheludev  Professor  Optoelectronics Research Centre 
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