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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Population Health


Cyrus Cooper, Professor, Rheumatology

Nyovani Madise, Professor, Social Sciences

Graham Moon, Professor, Centre for Geographical Health Research

Paul Roderick, Professor, Medicine

Members Listing

John Acres Wessex Deanery NHS South of England
Jo Adams Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation and Health Technologies Research Group
Julia Addington-Hall Professor Chair End of Life Care in Health Sciences
Sue Airey  

University Hospital Trust

Grant Aitken PhD Student Geography and the Environment
Lucy Aldridge Student University of Southampton
Fiifi Amoako-Johnson                    Lecturer Social Sciences
Caroline Andow Senior Research Assistant Social Policy and Applied Social Sciences
Sydney Anstee Research Fellow National Institute for Health Research
Pete Atkinson Professor Geography and Head of Academic Unit
Claire Bailey Research Fellow Social Sciences
Sally Bailey   National Institute for Health Research
Janis Baird Senior Research Fellow Public Health
Mary Barker Senior Lecturer Psychology
Stephanie Barker Postgraduate Research Student Psychology
Katherine Barnard Health Psychologist Human Development and Health
Angela Baschieri Reader Social Sciences
Rufia Begum Research Assistant Life Course Epidemiology Unit, Southampton General Hospital
Mark Blackwell Postgraduate Researcher Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Sarah Boak Senior Research Support Officer Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences
Timothy Bolt Research Fellow Health Sciences
Ann Bowling Professor Health Sciences
Kate Boyer Lecturer Human Geography
Alexandra Braby    
Joost Brandsma Postdoctoral Research Fellow Medicine
Markus Brede Academic Staff Agents, Interaction and Complexity
Lucy Brindle Roberts Academic Fellow Health Sciences
Hazel Brown Senior Teaching Fellow Associate Director UG Sport Programs
Martin Browne Professor Bioengineering Sciences Research Group
Christopher Byrne Professor Endocrinology and Metabolism
Jenny Byrne Lecturer Southampton Education School
Melania Calestani   Primary Care and Pop Sciences
Diane Carpenter Lecturer Centre for Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences
Ian Carroll Occupational Hygienist  
Amos Channon Lecturer Demography
Ying Cheong Senior Lecturer Obstetrics and Gynaeocology
Debbie Chase Health Sciences and Medical Statistics Medicine
Andrew Chipperfield Senior Lecturer Engineering and the Environment
Steven Chisnall Director Strategy and Planning
Maria Chorozoglou Senior Research Fellow NETSCC
Howard Clark Clinical and Experimental Sciences Academic Unit Medicine
Stuart Clarke Reader Medicine
Andrew Clegg Professor and Director of SHTAC Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre (SHTAC)
Geraldine Clough Professor Medicine
Bob Coates   NETSCC
Samantha Cockings Lecturer Geography and the Environment
John Coggon Reader School of Law
David Coggon Professor Medicine
Keith Cooper Senior Research Fellow SHTAC (NETSCC Chilworth)
Brandy Coote   Medicine
Sarah Crozier PhD Student MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit
Christine Currie Lecturer Mathematics
Ramsey Cutress Cancer Sciences Medicine
Peter Davidson Director NETSCC Health Technology Assessment
Becki Davies Knowledge Exchange Manager ESRC Centre for Population Change
Jennifer Davies   MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit
Hayley Denison Research Assistant Hertfordshire Cohort Studies
Elaine Dennison Professor Musculoskeletal Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant in Rheumatology
Alex Dickinson New Frontiers Research Fellow Bioengineering Science Research Group
Ratko Djukanovic Professor Medicine
Richard Dodds Research Fellow MRC LEU
Hannah Dorling Research Fellow Psychology
Maggie Duckett Lecturer Health Sciences
James Dyke Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Mark Edwards Clinical Research Fellow MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, SGH
Paul Elkington Senior Lecturer Medicine
Sarah Ennis Senior Lecturer Cell and Molecular Biology
Maria Evandrou Professor of Gerontology Centre for Research on Ageing
Nick Evans Lecturer Bioengineering
Tom Ezard NERC Advanced Senior Research Fellow Centre for Biological Sciences
Caroline H.D. Fall MRC Life Course Epidemiology Unit Southampton General Hospital
Claire Foster Reader Health Sciences
Simon Fraser Registrar in Public Health Southampton General Hospital
Faustina Frempong-Ainguah Postgraduate Researcher Social Statistics and Demography
John Gabbay Professor Medicine
Ieish Gamah Postgraduate Research Student Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Lily Ghazali   Psychology
Keith Godfrey Professor Epidemiology and Human Development
Cynthia Graham Senior Lecturer Health Psychology
Hans Michael Haitchi Senior Lecturer Respiratory Medicine
Julia Addington-Hall Professor Chair End of Life Care, Medicine
Mark Hanson Professor Cardiovascular Science
Bernard Harris Professor History of Social Policy
Clare Harris Research Fellow MRC Lifecourse Unit, Southampton General Hospital
Nick Harvey Senior Lecturer MRC Life Course Unit at Southampton General Hospital
Sarah Healey Research Support Officer Social and Huma Sciences 
Allan Hill Professor Population and International Health
Andrew Hinde Senior Lecturer Social Statistics and Demography
Sam Hodges   Nuffield Theatre
Lindy Holden-Dye Professor Neurosciences
Stephen Holgate CBE Professor Immunopharmacology Infection and Inflammation
John W. Holloway Professor Medicine
Ingrid Holme Cancer Sciences Southampton General Hopsital
Richard IG Holt Professor Faculty of Medicine
Vicky Hosegood Reader Demography
Ruihua Hou Research Fellow Medicine
Roger Ingham Professor Health Psychology
Hazel Inskip Professor Southampton General Hospital
Megan Jarman Researcher in Public Health Nutrition MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, SGH
Johanna Jefferies Specialist Registrar Public Health
Lucy Jordan Lecturer Social Work Sciences
Ngianga Kandala Medical Statistician Medicine
Bill Keevil Professor Environmental Healthcare Unit
Kathy Kendall Senior Lecturer Medicine
Tom Kenny Director of External Relations National Institue for Health Research
Sarah Keyhoe Research Assistant Southampton General Hospital
Alan Kimber Reader Mathematics
Sarah Kirby Teaching Fellow Health Psychology
Gloria Langat Centre for Research on Ageing Social Sciences
Polly Langdon Graduate Student Psychology
Wendy Lawrence Senior Research Fellow MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit
Fabiano Lemes Senior Lecturer University of Portsmouth
Dominique Leouze Registrar Public Health
Glenda Leeming English Language Teacher Faculty of Humanities
George Lewith   Complimentary and Integrated Medicine
Paul Lewzey Councillor Southampton City Council
Karen Lillycrop Reader Epigenetics
Paul Little Professor Medicine
Wei Liu Professor Mathematics
Yuejie Liu Comparative Literature Researcher Faculty of Humanities
Anneke Lucassen Professor of Clinical Genetics Medicine
Nick Maguire Deputy Director CBT Psychology
Raj Mani Consultant Medicine
David Martin Professor Geography and the Environment
Zoe Matthews Professor Social Sciences
Janet Maxwell Director of Public Health Portsmouth City Council
Diana Mendes Research Fellow SHTAC
Michael Moore Reader Primary Care Research
Pauline Morgan Faculty Lead Technology Enhanced Learning
Mark Mullee Senior Lecturer Medical Statistics
Kalliopi Mylona Lecturer Statistics
Sarah Neal Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Southampton
Magda Nowak Research Administrator Psychiatry
Onovughakpo Sonia Odije Postgraduate Health Sciences
Ikumi Okamoto CKMAPPS Research Fellow Academic Unit of Primary Care and Pop Sciences (Health Sciences)
Richard Oreffo Professor Medicine
Clive Osman Professor MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, at Southampton General Hospital
Christian Ottensmeier Professor Medicine
Lindley Owen   University of Southampton NHS Trust
Sabu Padmadas Reader Demography
Jonathan Paxton Student Social Sciences
Sylvia L.F. Pender Reader Medicine
Karen Pickett Research Fellow SHTAC
Katy Pike Clinical Lecturer Medicine
Anna Pilgrim Senior Research Assistant MRC Life Course Epidemiology Unit at Southampton General Hospital
Martin Polley Senior Lecturer Sport
Kirsten Poore Lecturer Institute of Developmental Sciences
Cassandra Powers Senior Research Assistant JACS
John Preston Professor Engineering and the Environment
Cathy Price Southampton University Hospitals Trust Pain Medicine
Heather Price Research Fellow Geography and Environment
Christopher Proud Professor Cellular Regulation
Leigh Purdie   Medicine
Thomas Richardson Postgraduate Trainee Clinical Psychology
Helen Roberts Senior Lecturer Geriatric Medicine
Graham Roberts Professor Medicine
Sian Robinson Principal Research Fellow MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit
Emma Roe Lecturer Geography and the Environment
Deborah Rose Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow Medicine
Stuart Rossiter Research Fellow EPSRC Care Life Cycle Project
Daniel Rowan Audiology Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Alex Recio Saucedo Research Fellow Electronics and Software Systems
Bruno Russell Philosophy Academic President University of Southampton
Steven Ryall Faculty Lead Internationalism Southampton Education School
Ben Saunders Senior Lecturer Social Sciences
Sylke Viola Schnepf Lecturer Social Statistics
Bram Sengers Lecturer Bioengineering
A.K. Shahani Reader (Retired) Geodata Institute/Mathematics
Grant Sharkey   Geography and the Environment
Jonathan Shepherd Principal Research Fellow SHTAC (University of Southampton Science Park)
Nick Sheron Clinical Hepatologist Medicine
Shirley Simmonds MRC Life Course Epidemiology Unit Southampton General Hospital
David Simpson Reader Biomedical Signal Processing
Julia Sinclair Senior Lecturer Psychiatry
Ria Skelton Medical Writer SHTAC
Honora Smith Lecturer Operational Research/Management Science
Gay Stanning Professional Member Age UK
Nicole Stone Senior Research Fellow Centre for Sexual Health Research
Holly Sydall   MRC Life Course Epidemiology Unit at Southampton General Hospital
Damon Teagle Professor National Oceanogaphy Centre
Mike Thomas Professor Medicine
Tannaze Tinati Research Fellow Southampton General Hospital
Bradley Tombleson   Geography and the Environment
Mohammed Torbati Lecturer Electromechanical Research Group
Sheila Turner Senior Research Fellow NETSCC
Carl Vershuur Hearing and Balance Centre Institute for Sound and Vibration Research
Andrew Walls Reader Medicine
Nicola Wardrop Postdoctoral Research Fellow Geography and  the Environment
Mark Weal Lecturer Electronics and Computer Science
Matt Westmore   National Institute for Health Research
Jeremy Webb Senior Lecturer Microbiology
Christopher Welch    
Francoise Welch    
Helen White Senior Lecturer Salisbury District Hospital
James Wilson Lecturer Mental Health
Colin Woodcock   Psychology
Kathryn Woods-Townsend Research Fellow Lifelab Southampton Education School
Ziggy Woodward   University of Southampton
Jim Wright Lecturer Geographical Information Systems, Geography and the Environment
Joanne Xia Student University of Southampton
Shoufeng Yang Senior Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Nancy Yassin   University of Southampton
Amanda Young Senior Research Fellow NETSCC
Sonia Zakrzewski Senior Lecturer Archaeology


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