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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Art, Mind, Cognition - Psychology of Aesthetics

Source: The National Gallery
Source: The National Gallery

Art is a mirror of society, history and beauty. Specifically, paintings are a specific class for consideration because they have played a crucial role in humans lives for more than 4000 years. Most of the paintings describe fascinating stories about life in previous times or imagination of the future. During this short course I would like to invite you to be a detective and try to solve the mystery behind the paintings. We will try to answer questions such as why people have motivation to visit museums? Why we like to view paintings and sometimes spend hours in front of a piece of art? Based on the examples from The National Gallery in London, we will try to understand what makes paintings special class of visual stimuli for consideration. I will show the way of interpretation, which is based on basic laws of both aesthetic and the architecture of our brain and eyes.

The academic organising this topic is Dr Hayward Godwin, Lecturer in Psychology.  Find out more about the PGR tutor, Tobias Trawinski, on our Meet your PGR Tutor page.

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