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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

British Moral Philosophy Course Information


Welcome to the University of Southampton's International Summer School British Moral Philosophy course!

In this course, you will be learning about 18th and 19th Century British Moral Philosophy with a particular focus on John Stuart Mill. Like other areas of philosophy, moral philosophy is not an easy subject. For many people, the best way to understand the ideas, theories, arguments, objections, etc. in philosophy is to learn about them again and again, often from different sources. It is hard to understand everything perfectly the first time you read or hear it.

Therefore, in the pre-arrival pack (below in Useful downloads), we have given you some information to read, a podcast to listen to, and some videos to watch. These will introduce you to many of the topics we will be covering in the course. Some things you may wish to read/listen/watch more than once.

The aim is not for you to perfectly understand everything covered in this arrival pack, but for you to have some understanding of moral philosophy (ethics), the life of John Stuart Mill, and utilitarianism before the course begins. Do not worry if you cannot understand all the content in this pre-arrival pack: everything will be covered in the course. Your understanding of these topics will improve as the course progresses.

Another aim of the pre-arrival pack is to get you to start thinking about your own ethical views. Indeed, in the classes you will sometimes be asked for your own views on philosophical questions, and why you hold these views.

Meet your tutors

These sessions will be taught by Dr Brian McElwee (Lecturer in Philosophy) and Nick Harding (Philosophy PhD candidate).

For further information on the postgraduate tutors please visit the Meet the tutors pages.

Useful Downloads

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