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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

British Rock

This course will focus on British rock music from the 60s and 70s, exploring both the musical qualities of the different genres that emerged during this time, and the various social, political and cultural contexts that influenced and shaped the music and culture.

International Summer School
International Summer School

We will begin by exploring the music of The Beatles, from their earliest hits through to their more experimental work, considering the post-war climate, the advent of the ‘teenager’ and counterculture, exploration of the avant garde, and developments in technology and recording techniques. We will then think about how the music of The Beatles led to and inspired progressive rock. We will consider prog’s features and qualities, and the influence of the growing drug culture on this genre. Finally, we will discuss the emergence of punk rock in the 70s and the social and political influences that led to the development of this reactionary form of rock.

‘British Rock’ will include lots of music examples, news and contemporary footage, film clips and exploration of particular songs and lyrics in detail.

The academic running organising this topic is Dr Amy Williamson, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Music.

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