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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Culture and the Everyday

What is culture?

Culture and the Everyday
Culture and the Everyday

Rather than associating this term simply with a particular civilization we focus on the role of the cultural in our everyday experiences, beliefs and interactions. We will introduce the ethnographic approach to social research which involves studying people in their naturally occurring settings. Starting from the research practice of ‘fieldwork’ we explore a range of concepts which enable us to think about how we are affected by as well as produce culture. A number of specific subjects will be examined to illustrate the role of culture in our everyday lives. These include human ways with food; the significance of our material world; family and kinship and the implications of gender. You will have the opportunity to contribute your own cultural knowledge to our shared exploration of cultural analysis.

The academic organising this topic is Dr Heidi Armbruster, Associate Professor in Modern Languages.

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