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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Culture, Diversity and the Study of Humanity (An Introduction to Social Anthropology)

What kind of animals are human beings?

International Summer School
International Summer School

What explains the diversity of cultures around the world and what practices, beliefs and ways of thinking are universal to all peoples? Anthropologists study local and particular perspectives and ways of life in order to understand universal social themes and human characteristics, including the nature of religious ritual and belief, kinship, politics and economics. This course will serve as an introduction to Anthropology, its methodology and ideas. We will do this by examining some classic ethnographies: texts which document the journeys undertaken by anthropologists to understand the lives of other peoples. This course will also include a series of films on key topics, including religious belief and witchcraft, economic exchange and the variability of human nature.

The academic organising this topic is Matthew Doyle, Academic Tutor in Sociology and Anthropology, Research Associate in the Centre for Political Ethnography.

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