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Ethical Fashion and Textile Design

Ethical Fashion and Textile Design
Ethical Fashion and Textile Design

About REEM

The hallmark of an item by Reem is integrity and originality - Reem has managed to put together the most surprising elements and somehow, they always work.

Mixing metaphors is Reem’s signature style and it is often almost impossible to tell if the clothes are antique or original. In 2009, at London Fashion Week, Reem broke all the rules and signposted a revolutionary new way of showing, working and selling a fashion collection by combining two seasons on one runway. The collections shown on the runway were re-cycled and sustainable collections which was an innovation at the time. This hands-on practice has allowed Reem to share her expertise with her students here at Winchester School of Art as well as develop her scholarly activity.

‘As a fashion and textile practitioner I am able to use my experience and develop my research accordingly. The signature on all Reem's clothes is artisanship and handcrafted excellence. I apply the same magic to salvaged and re-worked clothes as I do to ready-to-wear and couture pieces’.

Reem’s expertise in sustainable and ethical design is fundamental to future generations of fashion and textile students.

‘I consistently deliver the message of sustainability, which is underpinned by our university’s collegiality and fundamental values. These play a leading role in the debate nationally about teaching and learning policy, methods and practices.’

Ethical and Sustainable Solutions

Learning to incorporate ethical practices at the process of design will give you a competitive advantage and encourage smart sustainable design. You will certainly be inspired by Reem’s experience in retail sales, visual merchandising, brand enhancement and trend forecasting. This course will give students hands-on experience of designing an ethical and sustainable fashion or textile collection.

Using recycled garments provided by WSA, you will be encouraged to research your ideas and source up-to-date information to inspire you in designing your collection.

On a practical level, by the end of the course you will leave with a completed zero waste collection and a sketchbook full of inspirations.

A field trip a London antique market will be an inspiration to your collection.

The course is taught by Reem Alasadi and an assistant with the combined experience of more than 25 years’ working in sustainable fashion. Above all, they share a passion for changing the future of fashion waste.

Topics covered include:

The academic organising this topic is Reem Alasadi, MA Coordinator of MA Textile Design and MA Fashion Design at Winchester School of Art.

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