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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Film Industries: An International Perspective

A Replica of the Hong Kong Film Awards Statuette
A Replica of the Hong Kong Film Awards Statuette

This course aims to introduce the workings and academic discussions on film industries around the world. Film as industry plays out against the backdrop of a global economy. At any given location, a film industry witnesses high volumes of transnational flows of money, ideas and talent. These in turn are influenced by various stakeholders. In recent years, the Internet technology has changed audiences’ viewing habits drastically and continues to do so. Understanding these actors and actions from perspectives of political economy and cultural studies will enable students to develop a better understanding of the practice of film industries based in different countries, and transferrable skills that they can apply to other areas of their studies and future careers.

Key areas of concern include: 1) Film Production and International Film Co-production; 2) Film Financing; 3) International Film Festival Circuit; 4) Digital Film Distribution; 5) Film Marketing; 6) Film Exhibition and Programming.

The academic organising this topic is Dr Ruby Cheung, Lecturer in Film.

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