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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Games Design and Art

Game Design and Art
Game Design and Art

The games industry needs more designers, artists and creative thinkers. The Games Design and Art Summer School programme will introduce you to design thinking, research principles and making skills all connected to the production of video games. In small design teams you will remix a classic Arcade game and introduce new concepts, characters and design choices that will ultimately change and transform the game forever. What happens if Peach was the hero and had to save Mario? Perhaps Sonic the hedgehog was evil or a Dolphin? If Pacman could move at twice the speed of his ghost enemies what would that change? How can design affect game play and, more importantly, how could this affect the players? By the end of this fun and engaging topic you will have made a fully-functioning, playable game with your own characters, ideas and concepts. Will your changes improve or destroy a classic? Only through the final user testing event will you find out. For this topic there is no expectation of prior coding skills.

The academic organising this topic is Adam Procter, Programme Leader for Games Design and Art at Winchester School of Art.

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