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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Global Englishes

English has become the predominant global language over the last 50 years and there are now estimated (conservatively) to be over 2 billion speakers of English today.

Global Englishes
Global Englishes

In this course we will explore how English has spread around the globe from its historical origin to colonial and postcolonial settings and, finally, to current global contexts. We will engage with different approaches to the understanding of English - for example, World Englishes, Global Englishes and English as a lingua franca - across local and global settings. We will look at the wide range of global domains in which English is used for intercultural communication, from education, to business, to virtual communities. Finally, we will consider the implications for language ownership and change of the fact that those who use English as a second language or lingua franca outnumber first language speakers by at least 4:1.

The academics organising this topic are Dr Will Baker, Associate Professor and Dr Sonia Morán Panero, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

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