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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Law and Technological Transformation

This course aims to introduce you to the new technologies applied to law.

Digital transformation affects all aspects of society, and law is not an exception. Such trends as automation, artificial intelligence, smart contracts and big data change the ways that law has been practiced for centuries. Lawyers of the future understand legal practice as a repeatable process, certain steps of which can and should be delivered through technology.

During the course we will look at the main forces transforming the law. We will explore how artificial intelligence is applied to legal practice, most notably to contract review and discovery in litigation. We will discuss the future of contract execution and implementation through smart contracts. We will understand how lawyers can make sense of the data and see the bigger picture. Importantly, we will discuss what are the ethical implications of technology for the legal profession: how fairness and responsibility is crucial while applying technology to the legal area. Finally, we will touch upon emergence of new fields of law and interdisciplinary practices due to technological advances.

The course will include practical exercises and case studies.

This topic is run by PHD student Ekaterina Perevoshchikova, supervised by Dr. Hedvig Schmidt.

Law and Technological Transformation
Law and Technological Transformation
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