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The University of Southampton
In the Loop

In the Loop at 10

Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

19 – 20 July 2018

Keynote Speakers

Professor Jessica Hemmings

Professor Ingun Grimstad Klepp

Linda Newington, Founder of In the Loop

The sixth interdisciplinary and international In the Loop conference took place at Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton 19-20 July 2018

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of In the Loop and to celebrate this WSA hosted 'In the Loop at 10', a special conference to celebrate the outstanding contribution that the conference, its organisers, and its participants have made to knitting scholarship, while also promoting new research on all aspects of knitting.

The conference programme is available here .

The conference posters are available here .

Conference videos

Keynote: Professor Jessica Hemmings: Challenging Knitting

Gieneke Arnoli: Knitting!

Saskia de Bodt: Knitting as a Metaphor: The Iconography of Knitting in Art and Illustration: 18th-21st Century, from a Dutch Point of View

Frances Casey: Knitting for the War Effort during the First World War: A Reappraisal

Sarah Filmer: Knitting and Wondering

Zoe Fletcher: Designing for Breed: A Design-Oriented Toolkit for Understanding Purebred British Wool for Knitwear

Alex Franklin: Unravelling Miss Marple: Knitting, Intuition and Ageing Femininity

Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE: Black People Don't Knit?

Alison Hood: Knitter as Sacred Space

Dr Jane Malcolm-Davies: Ways of Seeing: an Online Digital Collection for the Scientific Study of Early Knitting

Rachel Matthews: Knitting: affect, value and health

Dr Alison Meakes: Exploring Archaeological Collections of Early Knitting from the Middle East

Olle-Petter Melin: Multicolour Knitting: Manuals, Letters and Traditions

Cassandra Milani: The Evolution and Commodification of the "Fair Isle" Knitting Industry and Trade: 1872-1921

Jean Oberlander: What is Softness, but a Well-worn Jumper? UnRavelling the Cross-Overs of Love, Memory and Tactility in Knitting

Helen Pleasance: Unfinished Projects: Mrs Ramsay's Stocking and Twentieth Century Women Knitters

Catherine Polley and Donna Ballan: WSA Library Collections / Images of Animals in 19th and early 20th Century Knitting Publications and Advertisements

Beth Ransom: Nature as a 'Smart' Material: A Collection of Knitted Experiments

Emily Joy Rickard: Co-Design and Collaboration in the Knit Well Project: Using Colour and Emotion to Enhance Wellbeing Through a Knitting Collective

Louise Scollay: Archive Treasure: Cleekit Gloves

Rose Sinclair: The Crocus Bag Stories: Reclaiming Personal and Collective Histories and Struggle through Knitting Narratives, Reclaimed Cloth and Meta-Narrative Storytelling portraying the lived experience through designed interventions

Adrienne Sloane: Needling the Establishment: Knitting the News and Other Stories

Dr Barbara Smith, Dr Angharad Thomas and Ruth Gilbert: The Knitting and Crochet Guild Collection: a Unique Resource

Panel Questions: Historic Textiles (Prof Jessica Hemmings, Dr Jane Malcolm-Davies, Frances Casey, Cary Karp and Louise Scollay)

Panel Questions: Storytelling (Alex Frankin, Lorna Hamilton Brown, Helen Pleasance and Saskia de Bodt)

Panel Questions: Wellbeing (Rachel Matthews, Jean Oberlander, Emily Rickard and Alison Hood)

Panel Questions: Knitting Narratives (Rose Sinclair, Sarah Filmer, Alison Meakes and Adrienne Sloane)

Panel Questions: Patterns, Materials and Innovations (Beth Ranson, Olle-Petter Melin, Zoe Fletcher, Cassandra Milani and Gieneke Arnoli)

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