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The University of Southampton

Request an "Arbitrary" Blackboard course

An “arbitrary” course is a Blackboard course which does not have an equivalent in the Banner student information system. Such courses are used to cover course administration, sub-modules, whole programmes, projects and so on.

Please note that such courses will not use student data from Banner to automatically populate themselves. Use self-enrolment to allow your students to enrol themselves onto your arbitrary course.


    Your details
    Course details

    Please suggest a suitable, short code for this course, the course ID appears in the course Control Panel and is used to locate the course. ENSURE THAT THE COURSE ID DOES NOT CONTAIN A SPACE OR SPECIAL CHARACTER e.g. !"£$%^&*()=+[]{}#~'@;:/?.>,<\|¬`¦

    This course will run throughout


    Use this setting to set in which year the course will run. If you are using the course with cohorts of students each year set the year in which you will first use it. If this course does not require separate cohorts to use the course each year select the last option and no year values will be used when creating the course.

    If you would prefer not to have a year code added to your Course ID and Course Title then simply select "Not applicable for this course" and no year code will be added.


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