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The University of Southampton

Blackboard Rollover for "Arbitrary" Courses


An “arbitrary” course is a Blackboard course which does not have an equivalent in the Banner student information system. Such courses are used to cover course administration, sub-modules, whole programmes, projects and so on.

If you have an arbitrary course and you would like to rollover the course for use in the new academic year then please complete this form. Following submittal of this form we will create a new course shell for this course with a new academic year prefix and direct you to instructions on how to copy your course materials over to your new course en masse.

Please note that if your course is not used with student cohorts and does not require rollover then it is not necessary to complete this form.


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    Course details

    Note the Course ID is shown when you click on "Files" in the Control Panel.


    Please do not use this form to request new courses, use the arbitrary course creation request form instead.

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