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The University of Southampton

User accounts and security

Accounts and subscribe

Subscribe is used to give new staff and students and IT account. It is also used for various other purposes such as password changes and other updates.

To Subscribe visit:

If you are hosting a conference and require temporary IT access for your delegates, please complete the following form:

Temporary access to University resources

This service relates to: Staff, Students, Researchers

Regulations and policies

iSolutions provides and manages access to a range of IT resources and services on behalf of the University.

In addition to the University regulations, the Director of iSolutions has (with the approval of the University) put in place the following regulations and policies relating to the use of services provided by iSolutions. 

  • The regulations for the use of computing services apply to use of all services provided by iSolutions.
  • University data network - terms and conditions apply to any devices or services connected to the University of Southampton network.
  • University data network - halls of residence connections, terms and conditions apply to all users and systems connected in the halls of residence.
iSolutions regulations and policies can be found here:

Regulations and policies

Security guidelines

Details on keeping yourself safe online can be found here:

Keeping safe online

Privacy Settings