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The University of Southampton

Data Protection

The University needs to ensure all data and information is stored correctly and Data Protection is everyone's responsibility. There are policies, processes and guidance that you must follow in order for the University to be compliant.

Looking after your data when working remotely

Data protection and storing your information securely is just as important when working remotely as it is when you are on campus. Office based data protection measures need to continue to operate well when data leaves the workplace. Here are a few hints and tips to keep your data secure:

When working remotely using a personal or university-owned laptop or computer, please take note of the following tips to keep your data secure:

To access your files from your personal device(s), use Microsoft OneDrive for Business or other Office 365 applications, using your University login. Do not use 3rd party cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive (using a personal login) for the storage of University files and do not use USB memory sticks or hard drives for storing University files. 

Data Protection

Data Protection and GDPR

How we will ensure that all data electronically or manually, is kept securely and not disclosed unlawfully.


Research Data

Further information on how to protect and store your research data

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Further information regarding data protection and information management

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when there is a data breach?

When a data breach happens, it should be reported here: Data breach incident report form

What should I do if I have accidentally lost some data?

Report accidental loss, destruction or damage to data using the University's breach reporting form: Data breach incident report form

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