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The University of Southampton

Services that require a VPN connection

Due to additional security needs, the below systems and services require connection to the university network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection before they can be accessed off campus.

Services that require a VPN connection: 


ServiceWeb addressService description
Business World (Agresso) Finance system
Resource & Research filestore (J:drive How do I access my shared resource filestore (J:Drive) away from campus? Resource filestore
Personal storage (My documents) How do I access my personal filestore using my own device? Personal file storage
Pure Research system
Liberty Contact Centre University service used by iSolutions and Student Services to manage telephone calls
Library services (including journals) Library services and journals (WebCat, DephiS etc)
SitePublisher The University's corporate web content management system
Profile Photo Profile photo managing system
A member of staff using their lapto

Services that do not need VPN

A list of services that do not need a connection to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Services without VPN
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