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About Windows 10 at the University

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 from January 2020.  This means that they will no longer provide vital security updates or bug/feature patches for it.

As there are still around 1000 Windows 7 machines still in use at the University, we need to ensure these are upgraded to Windows 10 before 2020.  There are also 1000 Windows 8.1 machines at the University and, whilst these will not go out of support quite so soon, there is benefit in these machines being upgraded too.

To help the University gradually upgrade to Windows 10, we have undertaken a project to allow staff to upgrade their University PCs to Windows 10.

The University will be gradually upgrading all machines to Windows 10
The University will be gradually upgrading all machines to Windows 10

As well as reducing the risk these older operating systems present the University, this upgrade provides the opportunity for the University to improve the user experience and to reduce some of the costs of running multiple operating systems.

The move to Windows 10 brings benefits such as:

As a result of this project, you can now request the upgrade to Windows 10.  You'll find a link to the form in the step by step instruction page.  This process is designed to allow individuals to request an upgrade for themselves at a time to suit.

If you are looking to upgrade a team or department as a whole, please contact your Business Relationship Manager who will be able to support you through this.

As we get closer to the Jan 2020 we will be monitoring the deployment rate of Windows 10 machines.  To mitigate the risk to the University, any machines still on Windows 7 in January 2020 will need to either be removed from the University's network or have been reviewed by iSolutions and mitigation put in place.

When you're ready to prepare for your Windows 10 upgrade, you can start working through the step-by-step instructions.

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