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What's new in Windows 10

We'd describe Windows 10 as an easy-to-use blend of the best of Windows 7 and 8 whilst also introducing useful new features.  If you're comfortable using your existing Windows operating system, we don't think you'll find the upgrade to Windows 10 too challenging.

To help you navigate some of the changes, we've collated a selection of resources to highlight key changes and new features.

We've grouped these together in 15-minute 'chunks' to allow you to view content depending on how much time you want to give.

OK, I've got 15 minutes, what can you show me?

Here are three short videos to get you started with key features for working with the start menu and applications.

The start menu

The start menu

A 7-minute video introducing the new start menu and its new features and functionality

Snap assist

Snap assist

A 3-minute video showing you how snap assist can help make your desktop more productive

The task view

The task view

A 5-minute video showing you how to easily switch between applications and desktops

I've got another 15 minutes, anything else you can show me?

Of course.  Here are a couple of videos on working with files.

I've managed to find another 15 minutes, any last tips?

There's always more we can show you :)  Here are some more videos which show you a bit more about customising your Windows experience.

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