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The University of Southampton

Connecting to eduroam

eduroam, the University's free Wi-Fi service is available across all of our campuses and in Halls of Residence. 

Connect to eduroam
Connect to eduroam

It's free to join and once you have configured your phone, tablet or laptop, it can be used at other universities that use eduroam.

Connecting to eduroam is easy, but please ensure you log in with your University username followed by "", e.g.

All staff and students can connect to eduroam and if you are on the go across campus, your Wi-Fi connection will move with you. If you lose connection between sites, you will automatically be reconnected as soon as you get back in range.

You can use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool to configure your device to get connected:

  1. Search for University of Southampton. You will need access to an alternative network connection (eg: 3/4/5G) to complete this step
  2. Download and install the profile relevant to your device/operating system

Alternatively you can follow the instructions in these guides:

Please be aware that you may not be able to connect your printer, smart TV, or voice activated speaker/digital assistant via eduroam. Instead you can use SOTON-IoT. Find out how in this step-by-step guide.

Free WiFi for visitors and guests

Guests and visitors to the University can access free WiFi using the 'WiFi Guest' account which is powered by The Cloud.

Connecting to the service is easy: 

  1. Check your WiFi is on
  2. Select WiFi Guest from the available network list
  3. Open browser, refresh the page and follow the on-screen instructions to register or log in

University staff and students should still use the eduroam service as it has greater capacity and enables access to all University networked services. 

The Cloud only enables internet access for guests using our existing wireless infrastructure and its bandwidth is limited.

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