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The University of Southampton

Printing for students

Follow Me Print is a managed service which enables students to print documents from anywhere to any managed printing device.

Our printers are commonly known as Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) as they allow you to copy and scan too.

You can print to any university printer and have 24 hours to release and collect it.

User guides for our new Samsung printers can be found below.

How to print

Please note: Your files will automatically print in black and white and duplex as default.

If you use a computer or device that is not managed by iSolutions then you will need to add the new print queues as below:

To add the new printer queues, click on Run... in the Start menu, enter \\ and successively double-click on BlackWhite and Colour.

For information on how to add the new Samsung printers to your printer queue please see the following knowledge base articles:

What are the costs for printing?

The printing costs for taught students are currently:

Single Sided Double Sided
A4 Black and White


A4 Colour £0.18 £0.35
A3 Black and White


A3 Colour £0.35


A2 Black and White £5


A2 Colour £5 -
A1 Black and White £5 -
A1 Colour £5 -

How do I top up my print credit?

If you want to top up your print credit, please visit: Print credit

Where are the Multi-Function devices (printers)?

All printer locations can be found here: Multi-function device locations

Can I print directly from my mobile device?

Yes you can! You can print to a University printer straight from your mobile device. More details can be found here: Setting up your device

Can I print from my laptop?

Yes you can! To add the new printer queues, click on Run... in the Start menu, enter \\ and successively double-click on BlackWhite and Colour. Further information can be found here: How to print using the university printers from your own device (BYOD - bring your own device)

How do I print large format documents?

Instructions on how to print large format documents (A1 and A2) are available in this Knowledge Base article .

What do I do if there is an error on the printer?

When using any of the printers on campus it is important to view any notices or error messages which may require your action. These will be highlighted with either a yellow or red icon on the top left of the screen.

To view the required action you will need to:

Useful Downloads

Need the software? PDF Reader

Our service offers significant benefits to standard printing, with our three C’s:

Confidentiality: increasing the security of sensitive materials as only you can release the documents that need to be printed. No more running to the printer!

Control: you are able to completely control the release of documents to print by allowing you to delete unwanted items before they are printed, saving money and paper

Convenience: you can collect your printing at any time and from any other MFD, even in a different building within a 24 hour period, handy when it is raining! You can even print wirelessly, if you are connected to eduroam.

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