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The University of Southampton
Inducing Tolerance in Allergy

About ITA

Study Aim:

The purpose of this study (ITA: Inducing Tolerance in Allergy"is to understand how exposure to an allergen via the skin can regulate the body’s response to the allergen, and whether we can use the skin to induce long-lasting tolerance to allergens. 

Research questions:

Allergy in early life: We aim to understand how skin immune responses to allergens develop in childhood

Tolerance in atopic dermatitis: We are investigating how immune sensitisation and tolerance are regulated in atopic skin

Inducing immunosuppression:  Using cells derived from human skin we aim to identify a strategy for induction of long lasting tolerance to allergens

Study team:

We are a team of laboratory, clinical and computer scientists, doctors and nurses, working together to develop treatment strategy for long-lasting tolerance to allergens. You can get more info about us on the Investigators tab


The study is currently open for recruitment, you can find details in our recruitment tab

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