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The University of Southampton
Inducing Tolerance in Allergy

In silico model of human skin

Accurate regulation of immunity at the body surfaces such as skin is fundamental for human health and quality of life. Such regulation is executed by numerous cells of immune system inhabiting (or visiting) the skin. We and others have recently demonstrated, that a subset of immune cells residing in the human epidermis, called “dendritic cells, (DCs)” plays a key role in the regulation of immune responses.

To understand better the exact mechanisms of the immune regulation we use laboratory, laboratory, clinical and computational methodologies. We aim to use the new and existing knowledge to construct an in silico model of immune regulation in skin.


Our past work identified molecular networks regulating function of human skin dendritic cells

Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2014

We have also constructed a preliminary model of a gene regulatory network in human skin dendritic cells

Scientific Reports 2017


We hope that the new model enriched with the data acquired during the ITA study will help us to predict the outcome of the encounter of a potential allergen with skin immune cells, and to design treatments helping the skin to perceive the allergen as not dangerous.

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