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University of Southampton Law School graduates are highly sought after by employers and can be found in top positions not only in the legal professions and academia, but also in the media, business and political worlds.

Many Law School graduates choose to train as solicitors and are now partners and senior partners in some of the top law firms in the UK; these include Linklaters, Herbert Smith, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, MacFarlanes, Simmons and Simmons, Norton Rose and Farrer and Co. Of those graduates who chose a route to the Bar, many are now successful barristers featured in the country's top law directory - the 'Legal 500'. Other alumni choose careers in the legal departments of top international companies, such as Vodafone, in central or local government, social work, the police, commerce and industry.

Of course the skills and experience developed alongside our rigorous Law programmes prepare graduates for many different careers and our alumni are also in non legal roles at companies including Disney, Debenhams, Computing Magazine, and Specsavers.

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Find out what our alumni have to say about their time at Southampton and what they are doing now.

Photo of Bridget Barker
My advice to prospective students is to think about the long term: you only spend three years at university. A law degree is a fantastic base for a wide range of career options.
Bridget Barker - LLB Hons
Photo of Anna Berdinner
Anna Berdinner really enjoyed studying law at Southampton and made some lifelong friends. She found the tutors incredibly enthusiastic and approachable and the courses well structured and engaging.
Anna Berdinner -
Photo of Dominic Bilham
The School and its welcoming nature meant it had a family feel. The teaching and support were of a high standard, the careers events and advice helped me on my way to finding a graduate career in law.
Dominic Bilham - LLB (Law) Alumnus
Photo of Neil Brown
I was attracted back to Southampton for a number of reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous time here and had first-hand experience of the quality of the tutors.
Neil Brown - LLB (Law) alumnus and LLM (IT and Telecommunications Law) distance learning
Photo of Harry Buhagiar
I have enjoyed my time at University and have made many friends for life. I have also forged friendships with many of the lecturers and will always be grateful for their help and support throughout my LLB.
Harry Buhagiar - LLB
Photo of Samuel Burleton
If you are Canadian and looking for a world class law degree, look no further than Southampton. Everything you need is here.
Samuel Burleton - LLB Accelerated Graduate Programme
Photo of Andrea Christian
The highlights of my time in Southampton included the warm, generous people my six year old son and I met and are still in contact with today.
Andrea Christian - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Ben Coffey
The quality of lectures and tutorials provided by the University is excellent, and you can always ask questions to staff in person or by e-mail if you ever find yourself struggling to understand anything.
Ben Coffey - LLB (3 years)
Photo of Colin Colas
My time at the University of Southampton, specifically my experiences on various student societies, equipped me with the necessary project management skills needed to complete my day-to-day work and run the projects. Also, learning how to effectively network definitely helps me a lot at work, as I’m constantly meeting distinguished individuals, including Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.
Colin Colas -
Photo of Nick Cousins
The Law School was full of smart individuals with a broad sense of generosity and a belief that spread across the department
Nick Cousins - Law LLB
Photo of Stefan Cross
The highlight has to be getting appointed as an Honorary QC. Only about 20 solicitors have ever been given that honour. It was awarded to me for the work we did pursuing equal pay cases, and that’s the work I’m most proud of.
Stefan Cross - Law LLB
Photo of Shauna D'Onofrio
Studying at the University of Southampton provided me with many memorable international life experiences but also allowed me to completed my legal studies at an accelerated pace.
Shauna D'Onofrio - LLB Accelerated
Photo of Cameron Dadkhah
My highlights have been the opportunity to attend seminars and engage in legal discussions with other like-minded students and the chance to immerse myself in the knowledge of some of the UK's leading law experts.
Cameron Dadkhah - LLB Law
Photo of Amber Griggs
I enjoyed the course and its content, and being able to study and receive excellent academic support in something I have a genuine passion and interest in. My studies and extra-curricular activities at Southampton have helped me become a better, more rounded person.
Amber Griggs - LLB Law graduate
Photo of Louis Head
The University and the Law Society arrange many opportunities to network and gain useful skills for employment.
Louis Head - LLB - Law
Photo of Joshua Jeevan
Southampton’s LLB (Law) programme is succinct, up-to-date and teaches you legal skills which are applicable and necessary in just about every industry.
Joshua Jeevan - LLB (Law)
Photo of Pernille Kærvad Jacobsen
Studying at Southampton gave me an insight into common law that I could not have attained through studies in my home country. Furthermore, I gained a solid maritime law basis that I continue to build on today.
Pernille Kærvad Jacobsen - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Siu Hon Leung
Siu Hon Leung retired in 2001 as senior partner of S H Leung and Co, one of Hong Kong’s leading legal practices.
Siu Hon Leung -
Photo of Dr Yan Li
Southampton offers one of the best LLM courses in maritime law, so I decided to choose this as my major. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Dr Yan Li - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Yan Liu
My advice for students returning to Canada from Southampton is to be proactive before you go back. Start the NCA process right away and try to gain internships at Canadian firms whenever you have the opportunity.
Yan Liu - LLB Accelerated Law
Photo of Marek Lorenc
Studying Law at the University of Southampton was a great experience not only because of the tremendous quality of the faculty and staff, but also because it affords many opportunities to learn.
Marek Lorenc - LLB accelerated JD pathway
Photo of Kay Ma
All of these opportunities, combined with the high quality teaching at the Law School, made my university experience one I look back fondly on and, importantly, it helped prepare me for the rest of my career – which has taken turns I never thought possible.
Kay Ma - LLB Hons
Photo of Bernhard Maier
My advice: be proactive; find the area of law that you enjoy and you will excel; look for as many mentors as you can find and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Bernhard Maier -
Photo of Nedim Malovic
To study optional modules for two years enabled me to find my true passion for intellectual property law.
Nedim Malovic - LLB Law (European Legal Studies)
Photo of Pierre-Louis Merer
The LLM is an excellent academic diploma reflecting the expectations of the professional sector. I have developed my communication skills, my level of legal research, and my capacity to work on broad and stimulating issues in a cross-cultural environment.
Pierre-Louis Merer - LLM Maritime Law (2017), Winner of the Gard Prize for the Best Performance in Carriage of Goods by Sea
Photo of Lyubomira Midelieva
Before I came to the UK from Bulgaria I was not familiar with law as an academic subject - I had never studied it before and my lecturers quickly triggered my passion for the subject. Undertaking a law degree is perhaps the best decisions I have ever made, given how much it contributed to my personal and professional development.
Lyubomira Midelieva - LLB Law, 2017. Winner of the Gerald Dworkin Prize for Best Performance in Intellectual Property
Photo of Ben Mills
Studying law at Southampton was a great experience. The analysis and negotiation skills I developed as part of my degree are regularly put to good use in my current role.
Ben Mills - Law (LLB)
Photo of Bill Montague
The Law course and my experiences at University were fundamental in shaping the course, which my career took, and in developing my interest and passion in access to justice, and my wider worldview.
Bill Montague -
Photo of Serge Ndikum
My advice to fellow students is - aspire to inspire your fellow classmates and effect change in your wider communities, take full advantage of the research facilities and rigorous legal education.
Serge Ndikum -
Photo of Lauren Nethercleft
I have learned a lot about myself over the last three years, studying law certainly challenged my opinions.
Lauren Nethercleft - LLB
Photo of Emma Nottingham
My time at Southampton Law School has taught me many practical and academic skills that will be invaluable for my future career.
Emma Nottingham - LLB (Law) alumnus and PhD Law
Photo of Beate Nygaard
Southampton offers you endless opportunities to develop as a person outside the classroom. I felt that Southampton Law School actually “sees” me. University staff, lecturers, students and societies really want you to get involved, to know you, and help you the best they can.
Beate Nygaard - LLM Maritime Law, 2017. Winner of the Gard Prize for the Best Performance in Carriage of Goods by Sea
Photo of Lily Orr
Being a Russell Group University praised for its academic standing and lecturers, I was instantly drawn to the University of Southampton. Having the Law with Psychology course made this the best place for me as not many other universities offered this programme.
Lily Orr - Law with Psychology
Photo of Harry  Palmer
I graduated from the Law School with an LLB in 2013 but decided I wanted to stay at the University. I had enjoyed learning about penal policy and criminology so chose to study the MSc Crime Analysis.
Harry Palmer - 2013
Photo of Sarah Pearson
The teaching is great because the law school are acutely aware of the need for their students to get jobs in a very competitive market.
Sarah Pearson - Law LLB, First Class Honours
Photo of Hannah Pettit
What I think really makes our Law School stand out is the vast array of extra curricular opportunities, as well as the focus on employability.
Hannah Pettit - LLB Law
Photo of Stuart Popham
I had three great, formative years at Southampton. I obtained a thorough grounding in the law and, more particularly, a sense of where I might find the answers.
Stuart Popham -
Photo of Mark Primrose
The Law Fair allowed me to meet various law firms and employers and gain an understanding of what they’re looking for.
Mark Primrose - Law LLB
Photo of Varsha Ramann
My LLM from Southampton was pivotal in helping me land my first job immediately upon graduation. My year in Southampton was arguably one of the best of my life.
Varsha Ramann - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Elizabeth Redrup
Research led learning really helped because it demonstrated to us a particular way of writing and also sifting through information quickly and accurately. Both of these skills, no matter what field you go into will be really useful in the future.
Elizabeth Redrup - Law LLB (3 years)
Photo of Laura Sofia Ugarte Rivas
The University of Southampton has a lot to offer, apart from the excellent academic part, there are several social events organised by the Uni and lots of societies to be part of...I did not know the university was so well connected to the city centre and so well integrated to the surrounding community.
Laura Sofia Ugarte Rivas - Venezuelan
Photo of Janis Rusis
I enjoyed the wide range of legal subjects, as part of my degree. I liked the diversity of the student body, there are many international students here and it is good to network and make friends.
Janis Rusis - LLB (Law)
Photo of Leon Sartin
I found Southampton Law School to be a very friendly, supportive environment to study. The School has an excellent reputation in law and is well respected by members of my profession.
Leon Sartin - LLB Law and Politics
Photo of Oliver Saunders
I enjoyed the challenge and stimulation of seminars. I’ve come to know a number of the staff really well through the course and their enormous experience in their field has always inspired me.
Oliver Saunders - LLB European Legal Studies
Photo of Tracey Sellors
The diversity of the cohort on the LLM Maritime Law made it a fun and interesting experience
Tracey Sellors - Maritime LLM 2016
Photo of Kaajal Shah
Southampton Law School recognises your hard work and, more than anything, gives you the experience to progress in any career you choose.
Kaajal Shah - International Legal Studies – Year 4
Photo of Jack Steer
I felt that the Law School was an environment that had been set up to allow its students to succeed
Jack Steer - LLB (Hons)
Photo of Thalia Styles
Like all students, I thought our lecturers were inspiring and encouraged us to fulfil our potential; I’m now looking forward to embarking on my career and feel sure what I learned at Southampton will help me to succeed.
Thalia Styles - LLB
Photo of Harvi Tan
For me the University of Southampton was the best place to study for a whole variety of reasons. Most importantly the programme is a qualifying law degree that is recognised across the Commonwealth.
Harvi Tan - LLB (Law)
Photo of Alex Taylor
The study support at Southampton was fantastic. I was quickly offered a meeting with my personal tutor, who offered me invaluable advice regarding study and time management techniques. The guidance I received in that early meeting helped me settle in quickly and undoubtedly had a substantial positive impact on my performance throughout my degree.
Alex Taylor - LLB
Photo of Richard Thomas CBE
I chose Southampton because it had a strong reputation for law and was near the sea for sailing. Some of my best memories of my time there were the lifelong friendships that I made.
Richard Thomas CBE - LLB Law
Photo of Valerio Torti
Living, studying and working in Southampton has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience.
Valerio Torti - PhD in Law
Photo of Dan Tozer
There is no "one size fits all" legal career. I've been in private practice, then in-house, and then back to private practice again. Who knows where next...
Dan Tozer - LLB Law
Photo of Benjy  Waxman
This was an amazing opportunity to meet people from other nationalities and law schools around the world.
Benjy Waxman - LLB International Legal Studies
Photo of Thomas Webber
While at Southampton I have also been able to interact and debate with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints.
Thomas Webber - LLB (Law) Alumnus and MPhil/PhD Law
Photo of Lincoln Wee
Remember that it is not just what you learn or how you learn it, but also what you do with what you have learnt.. how you return to society to contribute. That is what makes Southampton special.
Lincoln Wee - PhD
Photo of Peter Wozny
Use your initiative and think outside the box
Peter Wozny - LLB Hons
Photo of Jonathan Young
My academic background gave me a distinct advantage when applying for the training contract at Ince & Co, which is recognised globally for their expertise in maritime law.
Jonathan Young - LLB (Maritime Law)
Photo of Nallie Yue
Studying at the University of Southampton really helped me find my passion and fuel my drive to learn and succeed both academically and professionally.
Nallie Yue -
Photo of Jason Yan Zixiang
Further to my academic pursuits, the school has also helped to develop me holistically.
Jason Yan Zixiang - LLB Law
Photo of Louise Çakar
My time at Southampton University will always be some of the best years of my life. The quality of the law school both in terms of research and teaching is fantastic.
Louise Çakar - LLB Hons

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