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Lily Orr Law with Psychology 2017

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When I first visited Southampton I felt a sense of belonging and an atmosphere that I couldn’t find anywhere else I visited. Being a Russell Group University praised for its academic standing and lecturers, I was instantly drawn here.

Being a Russell Group University praised for its academic standing and lecturers, I was instantly drawn to the University of Southampton. Having the Law with Psychology course made this the best place for me as not many other universities offered this programme.

Also, having the Law with Psychology course made Southampton the best place for me as not many other universities offered this programme.

Before coming to Southampton I was very anxious. It was the first time I’d ever left home or actually moved out of anywhere. As soon as I arrived, all those fears went away. The staff were welcoming and friendly and I was put with people who were doing the same degree as me, which instantly made me feel at home.

My fears were overcome with the support offered by the University 24/7, who were happy to help with both University related and personal issues. I knew that if I was struggling with the course I could email or meet a lecturer and they could provide help.

Southampton is an excellent place to be a student, from the opportunities provided by the University, to the lecturers, down to the halls of residence. I have been offered many opportunities to undertake work experience, employability workshops and Law fairs which have enabled me to network with some of the most prestigious law firms in the world.

The University Halls are welcoming and lovely to stay in, with a fantastic residency support team offering 24/7 help and putting on a variety of events to help students settle in. I stayed in Mayflower Halls, which is close to the city, train station and only 15 minutes away from Highfield making it an excellent place to stay. I have met some amazing people during my stay in Halls and I have the University to thank for that. The rooms are very nice as well, you also get a free t-shirt on arrival!

The study facilities at the University never cease to amaze me. There’s a fantastic library which has plenty of study space, quiet rooms and even a café to sit and relax in. The majority of Halls offer study rooms which include printers, computers and a spaces to sit quietly and revise. Whatever course you are doing and however you learn best there is something for you at the University of Southampton.

Mooting was one of the highlights of my course so far- I am not a strong public speaker and the thought of someone being able to interrupt me and ask me questions on the things I was saying petrified me. However, when I started to compose my arguments, practise it out loud I felt more confident and ready. I ended up getting a first for my moot and it really encouraged me to be more confident and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The University has made me more confident in not only Law but in myself. Within tutorials there is a level of participation required and at the start I did the bare minimum, but now I say what I think and feel, knowing my opinion is wanted and is valid. The employability workshops have provided me with valuable skills from interview techniques to improvements for my CV. I’d definitely say I have grown more as a person thanks to the University.

Law is an ever-changing subject and I love that the course I’m studying reflects this. We are always kept up to date with current law news, this makes me feel a part of something bigger than just my degree. Moreover, the workshops and law fairs available prepare me for the real world, allowing me to network and gain skills ready for leaving university.

As I am taking Psychology as well as Law, I am able to pick Psychology modules alongside Law modules. I think Psychology is interesting and that it provides me with a different view on not only the law but also people, a skill which I feel is invaluable. We also have the opportunity to take foreign language classes for free with our degree, another reason why Southampton is truly an impeccable University.

Southampton has anything a student could want, from cinemas to an excellent shopping facility (with an amazing food court), and there’s even an IKEA! Living so close to the city is great as you never feel like you are out of it but it is also not as busy as you might expect. Southampton provides you with everything you may need and also has lots of good transport facilities in case you are in a halls which is a little further away.

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