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Submission Information

The Editorial Board of the Southampton Student Law Review are pleased to invite Submissions for its next volume. All submissions will be evaluated not only in terms of quality but also with regard to contemporary relevance.

Submissions are not restricted to Law students but are welcome from all current University of Southampton students and alumni. However, in keeping with the criteria for quality it is suggested that only advanced students endeavour to submit work.
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Submission does not guarantee publication. Submissions shall be judged on both quality and relevance, and may appear in a later edition of the journal with the permission of the author.

Submissions must be presented in one of the four forms:

Article (5000 word minimum) - An encompassing analytical piece of work, which makes novel contributions to the current understanding of the specified area of law to which it relates.

Comments and Case Notes (2000-4000 words) - Shorter articles critically evaluating and summarising a particular debate, case, legal development or discussion. Of key importance is the ability to critically assess the topic, whilst outlining the fundamental topic.

Notes (2000-4000 characters) - Either in the form of a case note on recent cases of importance, or as a brief note on current developments in any legal field. Again critical analysis is essential, rather than employing a purely descriptive technique reiterating previous arguments, views and judgements. What is the significance of the particular development?

Reviews (1000 - 1500) - A review evaluating any recent publication which is relevant to the legal field. Again it is not merely a descriptive account of the publications structure which is required but rather an evaluation of both the merits and disadvantages of the work.

Investigations into any area of legal scholarship in any jurisdiction are accepted. However, it is prudent to bear in mind the journal's audience, which in turn affects the relevance of the submission.

Please include your name, subject and course of study in your submission on the first page of the document, i.e. undergraduate, masters, postgraduate or alumni.

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